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NewsTerrifying moment Argos HGV driver bullies "lane hogger" out of the way...

Terrifying moment Argos HGV driver bullies “lane hogger” out of the way in M1 roadworks-Dashcam Clips

THE moment an Argos HGV driver almost causes a smash in M1 roadworks by bullying a car driver out of the way has been caught on dashcam.

The lorry driver is stuck behind a car in the middle lane and decides to take matters into his own hands.

He gets into the fast lane and – despite the narrowness of the lanes – tries to push past, coming within a few feet of the car driver.

The aggressive and highly risky manoeuvre works as the car driver pulls to the left.

The video, filmed on the motorway near Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, has prompted condemnation and praise for the Argos driver.

The shocking clip was filmed yesterday morning (sun) by Sandu-Andrei Mois?, from London.

Sandu said today: “The Argos driver was getting very close to the everyone in from of him. Chasing them all to the point where he was one – two metres to hitting them in the back.

“The only thing I could think when I saw him doing this multiple times was what would have happened if there was an inexperienced driver dealing with this? They could have gotten really scared and everything could have gone very bad.

The Argos driver's bullying behaviour was caught on dashcam-Dashcam Clips
The Argos driver’s bullying behaviour was caught on dashcam

“He was very impatient and his driving was very dangerous. The Argos driver had been doing the same thing to other cars on the way.”

One viewer condemned the HGV driver as “very naughty”.

The viewer added: “Argos social media team will be all over that like a rash and someone will be losing their job.I do understand his frustration but that could have ended in tears”.

But many viewers praised the lorry driver for dealing with the widespread problem of lane hogging.

The reckless Argos lorry-Dashcam Clips
The witness said: “He was very impatient and his driving was very dangerous.”

One wrote under Sandu’s post: “That driver is a legend.”

Another added: “He’s just sorting out the lane hoggers. Good job too.”

One said: “Normally I’d say what a d**k, but in this situation it’s hilarious (nobody got hurt) that’s one more person taught not to hog the middle lane.”

Thames Valley Police were not able to find a “record of the incident” on their system with the information provided.

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