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Top 6 things to do in Madrid

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Is Madrid the next one on your bucket list? You have made a great choice, as this city has lots to offer for savvy travelers. There are plenty of things that you can do, so it guarantees an excellent experience for everyone. From significant art museums to spectacular monuments, and delicious foods, everyone will find a thing to do. Madrid will definitely suit any budget, so you can plan accordingly. 

If you would like to go on a local experience in Madrid, you can always check for some available tours. In most of the cases, they are a pretty good deal. 

Madrid buildings

Image: Abishek Verma on Pexels

1.Admire The Royal Palace

Do not miss the chance to admire the beauty of the Royal Palace and the surrounding gardens.  The entrance costs €10 and is definitely worth it. But, keep in mind that the last two hours are free. If you can, plan your visit on Wednesday. This is the day when the guard changes and you will be amazed by the ceremony. 

The mesmerizing interior and beautiful gardens are something that you shouldn’t miss. Casa del Campo and Campo del Moro are the gardens that you will be able to visit for free.

2. Take A Break In Parque del Buen Retiro

If you want to take a break with a casual walk, then head to El Parque del Buen Retiro. But this is not an ordinary park. You can sit on the stairs of the impressive monument of Alfonso XII and admire the small lake. Be aware that the park is huge, so you might need a map handy.

Madrid buildings

Image: Luis Quintero on Pexels

3. Visit Some Of The Many Museums

Madrid is known to be home to many art museums and galleries. You will be surprised to find out that most of them are free. You can find so many museums that don’t require paying a ticket on certain days. But, there are ones that are completely free all the time. If you are looking forward to a budget-friendly trip, then this is the right thing for you. 

  • Prado Museum is the biggest one. It hosts the most important European art collections, so you would definitely want to pay a visit. A ticket costs €14, but you can enter for free at certain hours. You can get in without a fee every day from 6 pm to 10 pm, and 5-7pm on Sundays. But, be aware that it will be quite crowded. 

If you want to explore it without any hassle, then you are strongly recommended to book a Prado museum tour. The price of the ticket is included in this tour. 

  • National Queen Sofia Museum is a must if you are a fan of modern art. You will see collections from Dalí, Picasso, Kandinsky, and other important modern artists. Free entrance is from 5 pm to 7 pm, and all afternoon on Sunday. Keep in mind that it is closed on Tuesdays.

4.Catch A Train On The Atocha Railway Station

Don’t miss to check this stunning railway station. The thing that makes it special is the mesmerizing exterior decorated with wrought iron. On the other hand, this is the oldest and biggest railway station in Madrid.  But, you will be surprised when you see the interior as well. The enormous structure has a beautiful large garden, so don’t miss a chance to explore it.

Madrid body of water

Image: Diego Muñoz Suárez on Unsplash

5. Check The Temple of Debod

Back in the ’60s, Egypt gifted this temple to Spain. Now, it is a highly popular touristic site. The best thing is that the entrance is free. However, keep in mind that opening hours vary from season to season and it is closed during the siesta time. 

6. Indulge In The Tasty Local Foods

Despite the other spectacular things, Madrid offers a complete enjoyment for foodies. You will be amazed to discover their tasty foods. Spanish people love to share their food with friends, so you will find lots of tasty snacks and appetizers. The ultimate favorite is Huevos rotos, a fried potato with ham and eggs. Don’t forget to try Pulpo, or their tasty octopus prepared in a special way. The Spanish ham is famous for its distinctive taste, so you should try the Jamon Serrano. 

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