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13 Tips To Make Your Next Camping Trip Memorable

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No matter how old, young, busy or free you are, camping is undeniably one of the must-have experiences. But most people stop themselves from having this fun experience.

Mostly because we don’t know how to survive without electricity and WiFi, also because we often aren’t sure how to make the best of our camping adventure.

We know planning and packing the essentials can be a pain. So here are some essential tips that will help you plan the best camping trip.

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, And Hydrate!

This is the most important point and tip for any sort of outdoor activity. In fact, your survival depends heavily on whether or not you are drinking enough water, especially during an adventure.

Make sure you take large containers filled with water that can be used to further refill bottles, cook meals, and cleaning purposes.

Calculate how much water you might need – on average, a person should drink 2 to 3 liters of water every day. Now multiply that with the number of people going with you and the number of days you intend to stay there. However, don’t forget to take extra for other purposes as mentioned above.

2. Treat Your Skin With Care

During camping, it’s obvious you will have to stay under the sun for long hours with limited access to cleaning opportunities. Read on below to know how you have protection against all of it ensuring proper care for your skin.

A. Sun Protection

According to experts, prolonged sun exposure increases potentiality towards skin cancer. And you definitely wouldn’t want to be unkind towards your largest organ.

Use a good SPF-protected sunscreen that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. If you’re not sure what sunscreen to get, refer to a reliable source like Faveable, which has listed the best sunscreens that you can choose from.

B. Insect Annoyance

No matter where you go, pesky mosquitoes and insects will never leave you alone! To save you from those red itchy bite marks or worse, dengue, keep an insect repellant spray with you.

Apply it all over the exposed skin areas before going out to stay protected.

C. Keep The Germs Away

While out there camping, you will come in contact with all sorts of questionable bacteria-infested objects and things. The last thing you want to do is catch diseases from them.

With limited access to clean water and soaps, keeping those travel-sized hand sanitizers at bay is a must. Just squirt some on your hands every time you encounter such situations.

3. Reduce That Meal Prep Duration

Instead of bringing cooked meals or ingredients which will take up most of the time of your camping, go for comfort foods that are low-maintenance and easy to carry!

A. Dried and Canned Foods

Foods like dried fruits, nuts, beef jerky, granola bars can stay fresh for longer periods of time. You don’t have to worry about them going bad in extremely hot weather. They taste amazing too!

B. Instant Foods

Stock foods that can be made instantly; instant cup noodles, mac & cheese, soups, or anything that only requires hot water.

Also, instant tea and coffee will not only work as a refreshment element but also will make your camping easier as they will not create further trash or take up more space in the car.

C. S’mores

Is it even called camping if you do not bring marshmallows and make those yummy s’mores in the bonfire?

D. Iceboxes to the Rescue

They do not require electricity, just some blocks of ice to keep your favorite beverages and food cool, preserved and refreshing.

Coolers do the same job too, but better. Faveable has the perfect list of coolers chosen just for you to select your desired one from!

4. Be Comfortably Clothed

Make sure you are prepared for all kinds of weather. Keep t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, shorts, jeans/chino pants, rain-jacket or ponchos, hiking boots, flip flops, sweaters or parkas, and socks.

A. Hiking Essentials

Hiking clothes should be waterproof and windproof to prevent blisters and wind-burned skin. If you think the weather will be colder, take thermal jackets to ensure maximum body heat retention.

B. No to Cotton and Yes to Nylon

Avoid fabrics that tear and snag easily e.g cotton. Instead, opt for fabrics like synthetic (preferably nylon) as they dry easily and wick the moisture caused by sweat. However, avoid synthetic materials if you intend to be around bonfires for significantly longer periods.

(c) Photo by ?ahin Ye?ilyaprak on Unsplash

5. Select the Right Campsite

While choosing a campsite, some important factors should be kept in mind for it to be a good one.

A. Flat Grounds

Choosing grounds that are flat is important if you need a sound sleep. However, if you cannot find one, place your tent in such a way that you can sleep with your head at the top of the slopey area.

B. Where’s the Loo?

Consider the distance of the toilet blocks to your tent or the area you will be using for your toilet breaks. Make sure it is nearby because no one wants to wake up in the middle of the night and walk a mile to pee.

C. Look For Timber

Avoid setting your tent underneath giant trees that have large boughs or are dead to avoid accidents. Instead, look for healthy and alive trees that will do the job of providing your head some shade instead of falling on it!

Position your tent around them in a way that will not be too distant from the essential spots while it will save you from the glare of the sun.

6. Plan Your Schedules Ahead of Time

One mistake we often make before camping is not planning what we’ll do once we get there. That, unfortunately, can ruin the vibe of the trip.

Therefore, plan your activities ahead of time depending on the time of the day and the weather conditions. Think about the activities that everyone can enjoy. However, make sure there is enough free time left for everybody to just relax on their own – after all, that’s the whole point of going on a camping adventure, isn’t it?

7. (Tent’s) Size Matters!

Get a tent based on the number of people who will be sleeping inside it, we know nothing can be more nerve-wracking than having tents that hardly have any space or is so spacious that another family can come over.

A. Wind Direction

You would not want that sudden gust of wind ruin the tent setting. Determine the direction of the wind and set your tent “along” the direction rather than against it.

B. Waterproofing Is Key

Buy a silicone sealant and spray it all over the tent, including the opening zippers too. Now your tent is ready to protect itself and you against the rain.

8. Compress and Compact

Invest in a good stuff sack or a compression sack. This will not only help you carry your sleeping bag around easily but also help you in carrying other essential but heavy items.

9. Plan Ahead For Fun and Games

One of the best things about camping is bonding with your close ones over entertainment and games. Therefore, plan some fun games for your camping trip.

If you have kids accompanying you, pack board games and puzzles to avoid their boredom. You can also join them in games like charades and UNO to make the moments more fun and memorable.

10. First Aid Kit

Keep a first aid kit at bay, that has all the necessary items like disinfectants, painkillers, antihistamines, gauze bandages, even an anti-snake serum if necessary.

11. Fanny Packs to the Rescue

While going out of your tent, carry a fanny pack with you that can hold useful items like torch lights, AM/FM radios, multi-tools, band-aids, compasses, disinfectants or hand sanitizers, etc.

12. Repair and Backup Options

Make sure you have a zipper repair kit because you never know when that tent zipper snaps.

Pack extra batteries for devices that require them like flashlights, FM radios, duct tapes, sewing kit, paracords and baling wires (just in case to be safe).

13. Go for the Weekdays, Not the Weekends

There are high chances that weekends will be packed with people coming to enjoy their camping too since everyone wants to have their own means of escape from the workaholic life every now and then.

Choosing weekdays can make your trip more relaxing and quiet, perfect for that getaway. Convince your employer to grant you a leave mid-week so that it does not kill work vibes.

Final Thoughts

All of these tips may not apply to everyone, but some of them will be useful for most people. Camping is supposed to be a fun activity, not a disciplined-with-rules drill.

Just let yourself go and bask in the sunshine, obviously, once you have ensured you have everything you need to have a perfect camping experience.

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