Mum turns her pet hamsters into a hilarious hobby by posing them up in human scenes


A MUM has turned her pet hamsters into a hilarious hobby by posing the creatures in elaborate and very human scenes.

Bev Borrill’s brilliant creations show the hamsters doing everything from tucking into takeaways to taking gas and air in the maternity ward.

Other scenes show the cute pets enjoying Costa coffee, fishing, appearing on Masterchef, curling and posting Christmas cards.

Bevl, 52, from Chirton, Wiltshire, first began creating the elaborate scenes as part of a school project for her daughter.

Hamster with mini fish and chips
Bev’s hobby sees her pose her 8 hamsters in various settings

The school project quickly became a hobby for Bev, who began producing an array of whimsical settings for her eight Syrian hamsters.

She regularly posts her work on the Facebook page ‘Harcourt Hammies’, where she has earned thousands of fans.

In her most popular post, two hamsters can be seen relaxing in a miniature Costa Coffee shop, complete with tiny smart phones and newspapers.

Social media users have reacted with amazement at the level of detail involved in the set, Jill Cantwell posted, “I adore the tiny handbag on the seat!”

Beth Lamont added, “I’m howling, why is this real life Sylvanian Families?”

Another set of photos show Max and Lulu, Bev’s first hamsters, as they eagerly await the arrival of Lulu’s babies.

Hamster at Costa coffee
 Bev often recreates her favourite scenes from daily life and finds inspiration all around her

A heavily pregnant Lulu can be seen taking full advantage of the diminutive gas and air canister, as a nervous Max looks on.

Bev describes how she uses all aspects of daily life to create the scenes. She said:

“I’m often inspired by topical things or events, everything from skiing to beach holidays, gardening and maternity wards. Or even just an item I might see in a shop. I would love to take things to the next level and write a children’s book using the hamsters and sets as illustrations.”

In another of her displays, Peanut the hamster can be seen as a contestant on a microscopic version of Masterchef.

Another scene shows Stumpy competing in a curling match at the Winter Olympics in pint-sized Pyeongchang.

Superman hamster
Peanut the hamster loves to get involved in Bev’s creations

Bev has no plans to slow down either, with a range a new scenarios planned.

She said, “Raisin, our newest recruit, is going to graduate. So her cap and gown are ready. I also have plans for a dentist visit and a Pets at Home shoot.”