Touching moment boy celebrates his birthday with strangers – on a motorway hard shoulder


HEARTWARMING video shows the moment a young boy celebrates his birthday with strangers – on the hard shoulder of a motorway.

Theo Yates was on his way to ten pin bowling on Tuesday July 9 and was just four minutes away from the venue when traffic ground to a complete stop.

After three hours stuck on the M2 in Kent, and with Theo upset at missing his ninth birthday party, mum Danielle decided to take action.

The 29-year-old rounded up some fellow stranded motorists and passengers – including a couple out for their wedding anniversary – and lit the candles on the cake.

She then presented the cake to a clearly touched Theo to the traditional strains of Happy Birthday.

Theo, from the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, had been due at the Hollywood Bowl in Rochester when the motorway was shut.

Danielle uploaded video of the impromptu party this morning with the caption: “It was my son’s 9th Birthday yesterday, we were on our way to bowling when they closed the M2.

“We didn’t get to go as we were stuck on it for three hours, but we did celebrate his Birthday.

With Theo upset at missing his ninth birthday party, mum Danielle decided to take action.

“I just want to say thank you to some of the people that came out of their cars to sing Happy Birthday to him, he said he will never forget it.”

The video shows the M2 at a standstill with cars as far as the eye could see gridlocked on the closed motorway.

Danielle can be seen holding Theo’s football cake as she walks towards him.

Bystanders from other gridlocked cars are stood by Theo, a Liverpool fan, singing Happy Birthday to him.

Theo blows out his candles and is met with a cheer from onlookers

An excited Theo can be seen with a massive grin on his face as Danielle is holding the football cake with nine candles on it.

As the Birthday song finishes Theo blows out his candles and is met with a cheer from all the bystanders.

The video has proved a hit on Facebook and has had many people wishing Theo a belated Birthday.

Clair Saunders said: “Bless him and he’s still smiling…. Happy Birthday.”

The video shows the M2 at a standstill

Clare Stokes added: “Bless him well done mum for being inventive to make it memorable.”

Sarah Hawkins wrote: “Bless…. Happy Birthday little man. You must be the first to celebrate your Birthday on the hard shoulder of the M2.”

Sarah Bavington-Smith said: “Happy Birthday. Made me tear up reading this. There are some lovely people in the world.”

Jacqui Hearnden added: “Happy 9th Birthday! You have all these extra Birthday wishes now and hope you get to do something with your friends another day.”

Customer service assistant Danielle today said it was a birthday Theo will never forget.

She said: “He was so happy bless him, he did have a few tears when we said we couldn’t go bowling, but when he saw everyone singing to him he was over the moon.

“He’s a very sensitive boy so he understands these things happen and can’t be helped. He also shared his cake with the people that sung to him.

“He told all of his friends about having his cake on the motorway. That was his highlight.”

Danielle was surprised so many people have come to wish Theo a Happy Birthday.

She added: “We met a couple in front of us that were meant to be celebrating their anniversary and we asked them if they would sing Happy Birthday with us.

“I decided to get the cake ready as both my children were getting a little bored so when we brought the cake out some other people got out of their cars and started singing Happy Birthday.

“I didn’t expect so many people to wish him a belated Happy Birthday, I was only thanking the people who made his Birthday. It’s amazing how many people do come together.”