Saturday, May 28, 2022
NewsGraphic pictures show injuries suffered by horse after it was spooked by...

Graphic pictures show injuries suffered by horse after it was spooked by 60mph biker and ran into cattle grid

HORRIFYING pictures show the injuries suffered by a horse after it was spooked by careless bikers – and ran into a cattle grid.

The terrified mare, called B, threw her rider and charged into the grid, ripping skin and flesh from its legs.

The six-year-old managed to escape but continued to gallop away, getting herself back to owner Lisa Stevenson’s home in Postbridge, Devon.

Lisa says two motorcyclists passed close, the first travelling at about 60mph and the second at about 40mph.

The 28-year-old said B needed extensive treatment but will make a full recovery following the incident on Friday. She now faces the headache of raising £1,000 to pay the cost of treatment.

Horse with graze
The horse was spooked by passing motorists

She posted graphic images of the horse’s injuries to Facebook with the caption: “I would just like to say a massive thank you to the motorcyclist who felt it was not necessary to slow down when approaching a horse on the road.

“So thanks to you this is the aftermath I have been left to deal with today [Friday]. You only felt the need to stop because I was left screaming in the middle of the road as I watched my horse plunge into a cattle grid to which you shook your head and carried on.

“Thank you very much.”

Tracy Kearns responded: “Omg I hope the w****r that did this gets karma very soon and your horse makes a spèedy recovery.”

Nettie Holding wrote: “Omg Lisa, this is terrible. Pity you didn’t get number and have him prosecuted. So sorry to see this. How distressing for you all.”

Hannah Fursdon said: “Oh Lisa. This is heartbreaking. I’m sure your beautiful girl will recover well with a lot of time.

Horse cut leg
Social media users branded the injuries ‘heartbreaking’

“Such a shame that this has happened on our lovely patch of Dartmoor which is usually so horse-friendly.Hope you’re okay too.”

Lauren Hutchings added: “Jesus that is horrendous. Hopefully they get what’s coming to them or you meet them again. Hopefully it’s a quick and painless recovery.”

Speaking today (Wed) Lisa said: “The worst part was his lack of compassion, he watched it happen and saw me screaming. I hope the motorcyclist’s conscience gets the better of him and he comes forward but I’m not hopeful.”

She added; “My horse reared up and panicked and got away from me and galloped back up the road towards home. I believe she tried to jump the cattle grid and her front legs slipped out in front and her back legs went into it.”

“She’s set to recover all bones intact. Not many horses get out of a cattle grid without a broken leg. I have no idea how she got out as I was still down the road. Probably about 20 mins to get up the driveway as she dragged herself home about a mile.

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