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How to get an employment through A Job Agency Toronto


Many people searching for a job are reluctant to use a job agency Toronto since they think that most agencies only provide entry-level and temp jobs. Others think that these agencies don’t offer benefits to their workers. However, these claims are not true at all.

A job agency also called an employment agency, provides a variety of jobs including permanent jobs for different positions. A Job Agency Toronto employs anyone from the bottom-level to top CEOs. Here, we help you understand what an employment agency is and how it can be useful to you in finding the right job. 

  • How A Job Agency Toronto Work

At the recruitment agency, firms pay the recruitment agency to look for workers for them. Then the job seekers send their applications to the job agency or simply contact the agency. The agency is responsible for interviewing the candidates and screening them to get the right one for the advertised position. Typically, the selected candidates are paid by the agency to work for a specific firm, in this case, a client to the agency. If after some time the company employs the worker, the recruitment agency ceases to pay that employee and the company now pays the worker.

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  • Benefits

There are several benefits you get if you choose to use a job agency Toronto:

  • It is free-since the company is the client; you should pay to look for the work at the agency.
  • They perform the task of job searching for you-the only thing you need to do after signing up with a recruitment agency in Toronto is to provide them with your credentials and let them do the rest. If they find a position that fits your experience and skills, they call you for an interview.
  • There is variety- there are temp agencies Toronto that specialise in virtually all industries. Also, some job agencies provide a variety of jobs so you have a large pool to choose from. Typically, common jobs are short term and long-term positions. You may also get temp-to-hire positions.
  • There are other benefits such as retirement plan, health insurance etc. these benefits are usually accrued after the employee work for a give number of hours.
  • They give you feedback-when you submit your application with a job agency Toronto, it gives you feedback. The agency may advise you on how to revise your resume and also gives some interview tips.

Types of Available Jobs

Temp agencies Toronto provide employment that lasts for different length of time: 

  • Temporary jobs- businesses have positions for temp workers during the busy work period absence of an employee or leave period. The job can range from a few days to several months.
  • Temp-to-hire jobs- these kinds of positions start as temp positions so the firm can understand the employee better and if the employee impresses the company, he/she is given permanent employment. 
  • Permanent jobs-some temp agencies Toronto employ candidates for perm positions. In this case, the agency carries out its functions like a traditional recruiter where it finds, interviews and selects the right candidate for a given position. The firm pays the employment agency a fee, and if it employs the employee, it takes over payment the responsibility of paying for the employee.

How to Land the Right Gig

  • When you are invited to the interview by the job agency Toronto, treat it as a real interview.
  • Be honest about the goals and what you need; whether a temp or perm job.
  • Keep on open mind. If you needed perm position and there are temp positions, be flexible and take any available work. This will help you get skills that will come in handy in your next job application.
  • Be persistent and patient and follow up on your application status.
  • Use other resources. You don’t have to rely on only one recruitment agency. While you wait for the results, look for jobs in other searches. You may want to browse online job websites and also check out job boards. Networking with colleagues in the same industry is also another way you can land your gig.
  • Finally, when you have landed a particular job, prepare for it. You want to show the company you were the right pick.