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Are you ready to become a vaper?


Before entering the big family of vapes. We recommend that you have a detailed understanding and wait and see for vapes and various peripherals, and carefully read each line of this post.

We have encountered too many novice players complaining about buying wrongly, buying expensively, being cheated, etc. This is entirely because they didn’t learn the relevant knowledge before entering the field.

How do Novice Choose Equipment?

If you have decided to enter the area, we recommend that you start with a pressure-regulated vape. This type of tobacco rod is the safest and has the function of short circuit protection.

The mechanical lever has no short-circuit protection and voltage regulation function compared to the novice player. Coupled with the uneven business, they will not recommend that you do not use the mechanical lever. Everything should be safe first.

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How to Distinguish The Quality of Vapes?

Many novice players will ask such questions, A is good, B is good, A and B in the end which is good? Vapes have very many brands,such as voopoo, uwell. there are many different models, each person is different. No one is sure to decide the final choice for you.

See more and learn more, choose the popular products of big manufacturers, generally not too outrageous. Recently, there is a vape called VOOPOO Drag 2 Mod from vapeciga. It is shaped in a compact size and light weight with sleek corners and exquisite appearance.

What’s more,the OLED screen gets the real-time operating state clearly. It is GENE.FIT inside which protects the tank from dust, liquid and burnout.Adopting zinc alloy and resin is rounding the hardness and delicacy up.

Is There A Difference between Vapes and Smoking?

In addition to traditional smoking methods, vapes also have a direct use of lungs. Traditional cigarettes are too irritating to smoke in this way. But even if there is no other way, using traditional smoking methods is a good choice.

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Is Vapes Cheaper Than Traditional Cigarette?

From the point of view of consumption, vape equipment is more like a small-scale investment that continues after a one-time investment.

If you are an enthusiast and keep adding other equipment; or you only smoke imported cigarettes, vapes are no more cost-effective than traditional cigarettes, but they are indeed more environmentally friendly than traditional cigarettes.

Where Can I Vaping? Is It Possible in Public?

There is currently no law that stipulates that electronic cigarettes are not allowed in public places. However, public opinion is still unclear about vape guidance. In order not to add a psychological burden to the people around you, please try not to use vapes in public places.

If you really want to show the spiritual needs of smoke, please join the e-smoke party. No one there will treat you as a monster, because there are all big monsters, tremble.

Is Vape Really Helpful for Quitting Smoking?

The withdrawal of cigarette addiction relies mainly on the willpower of the individual. If you are strong enough, you can quit smoking completely without smoking. vape products are more like a substitute for smoking cessation, providing some help on the road to quitting smoking.

Some players don’t like vapes to re-sell, and some players slowly leave the cigarettes. Fortunately, more and more friends post that I have not smoked cigarettes for a long time. But for this issue, we must answer it cautiously. We don’t think that if you really quit smoking any day, it is the credit of vapes. That’s just the result of your own efforts.

Is The Feeling of Vaping The Same as That of Smoking?

The feeling of smoking electronic cigarettes is completely different from the feeling of smoking real cigarettes. vapes do not have the strong stimulating feeling of cigarettes, and have their own style.

It may be softer. If you are a smoker or a player who likes to smoke poor quality tobacco, the feeling of vape may disappoint you, because the smoke and oil taste of vapes is different from traditional tobacco.