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Creative Ways to Drive Guests to Your Booth


Trade show booths are vital to a brand’s successful showing in a trade show. This becomes the centre of attention.

It is the beacon that attracts foot traffic to give your business a chance for exposure, and a chance to convince them that you are worth their attention. However, it is not that easy to attract guests because you will be up against multinational companies, most of the time; more established companies that have more following. 

The best you can do is make sure that your own booth gives you a fighting chance. As a startup, this can be difficult, although not impossible because there are ways to make your booth stand out enough to ensure that you catch their eye. 

Image: Pixabay/Purplrgillian

Attract them with Warmth

Create an atmosphere around your booth that is inviting. Maybe set up a places where guests can just chill out. Going around a trade show floor is not easy feat especially when every participant is out to get your attention.

What you could do is avoid smothering them. Project and image that you are not aggressively after them. Instead, give them a place where they can relax and slowly drip feed the thought of your brand until you are able to attract them to the main part of your booth that you manufactured from stand suppliers in Dubai

This is the kind of passive-aggressiveness that you do not normally see in other participants which could easily give you the advantage. A breath of fresh air as they say. 

Cater to the Guests’ Needs

In line with attracting them with warmth, it might be a wise decision to ensure that the guests are the forefront of everything that you do. Cater to their needs even when it does not directly relate to the products or services that you are offering. 

For example, as mentioned earlier, guests will be running around in a packed floor trying to attend networking sessions, learning sessions, and talking to brand to brand, and this can leave anyone parched. Sometimes, exhausting.

Some brands in the past made use of offering them beverages like coffee or juices, and maybe add in a place where they can put their feet up. Of course, the key here is placing it close to your booth. In fact, add it as part of the design, and smother them with logos that would attract them to your booth.

It would not be long before they will be interested in what your brand has to offer. 

Offer Unique Freebies

Put away the pens. Sometimes, this just annoys guests because of how much they already have. Instead, try unique items such as t-shirts.

This gives them drive to actually stay until they get one because they might not be directly related to the products that you have, but, this gives a much stronger staying power than pens and wristbands. 

There are many ways to make your booth stand out in a trade show. You just have to be creative in going on about it.