Sunday, May 22, 2022
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PREVIEW: Gut Buddies

Gut Buddies promotional shot
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Meet Brian, the white blood cell and faithful servant to the body. It is his first day of work,
after recently graduating from the “Loving International School of Parasite Annihilation”.

He’ll welcome you with an innocent smile, unaware of what his first day of work has reserved for him. In a corner of the intestines under his watch, Karl, a blood-sucking parasitic worm is planning to stay, at all costs.

In a world threatened by the problem of coexistence and compliance, is it still possible to be“Gut Buddies”?

Blending cartoon imagery, with eccentric characters saturated in luminous colours, Gut Buddies opens up relevant questions about human relationships, tolerance and coexistence.

After returning from their national tour of India, described as a “Collaborative tour de force” by the Pune Mirror, and winning a Best of Brighton Fringe award, the Berlin-based absurdist physical comedy troupe Bacterial Factory makes their Edinburgh Fringe debut.

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