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EntertainmentPREVIEW: The Cheap Part of Town

PREVIEW: The Cheap Part of Town

In a world wiped clean by mainstream media or presented as rosy and quirky by an endless diet of American TV series, ‘The Cheap Part of Town’ gets to the heart of what it means to be British and forgotten at a time in history when it’s all too common to be both.

When Louis Rive started really listening to the characters that reside in pubs, nightclubs, bookies and bus shelters, in which he spent the majority of his time, he decided to document their stories in song.

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Following on from traditional bards such as Michael Marra and Hamish Imlach, as well as drawing inspiration from storytellers like Tom Waits and Lou Reed, Louis captures the trials and tribulations of a group that often goes unnoticed.

The Cheap Part of Town is about the characters that society forgot to mention; the local pub karaoke king, the unscrupulous newsagent whose wares fuel teenagers’ Friday nights, and the clumsy 18th century rebel, conveniently forgotten in the annals of British history.

The show is a tribute to the Britain’s forgotten masses, whether they be the pub dwelling poets of today, or the great exploited of yesteryear. Tongue-in-cheek, catchy and with razor sharp lyrics, Louis Rive’s songs give voice to those who have remained voiceless until now.

Fresh from a summer tour of folk festivals and folk clubs across Europe, Louis is bringing his message back to his hometown of Edinburgh. In bringing you this collection of storytelling songs, Louis draws on his personal experience of endlessly menial jobs as well as an unhealthy dose of life lived most ordinary.

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