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Veteran Nessie hunter claims his video shows two 20ft monsters together near the shore

A VETERAN Nessie watcher claims to have spotted two 20ft monsters swimming together in the legendary loch.

The clip shows two dark objects moving closely together close to the shore in Urquhart Bay.

The mystery objects were caught on a webcam operated by Loch Ness researcher Mikko Takala on July 10.

Eoin O’ Faodhagain was watching the pictures live and made his own recording.


Eoin, from Castlefin, Co Donegal, Republic of Ireland, said today: “The day of the sighting was extremely windy, as you can notice from the trees moving over and back. 

“When I noticed the two strange shapes first they were either side of each other and not behind each other, going in the same general direction. 

“Never did I think it was two humps from the one animal, the sighting did not give me that impression.”

The mystery objects were caught on a webcam operated by Loch Ness researcher Mikko Takala on July 10.

He added: “The two strange shapes were identical to each other, and that also gave me the impression it was two separate objects.

“I was quite startled to see two possible Nessies on the webcam. I think it’s a bit of a rarity to view this.”

Eoin estimates the objects were both in the region of 20ft long and reaching about 5ft out of the water.

Some distance from the two objects, in the centre of the frame, a larger object can be seen which is a boat.

Eoin said: “I have never seen two objects so close to each other on the webcam before and I have been watching for years. Their shape in the water is very strange. 

“What are they, I don’t know. They could be two Nessies.”

Veteran Nessie Hunter Eoin O’Faodhagain

Speaking today Mikko Takala, a computer scientist who has been researching Loch Ness for over 20 years, believes climate change may have effected the increase in sightings of the legendary creature.

He said: “There has been a slight increase in surface temperatures in Loch Ness due to climate change (whether man made or not, the climate is changing) and it is possible that a cold blooded creature like Nessie may be encouraged to return and/or stay longer in the warming waters of Loch Ness. 

“We believe that the recent winter was milder and less road salt was spread as a result (the previous winter saw thousands of tonnes spread locally during a long cold treacherous spell). 

“It all finds its way down water courses and into the loch raising saline content and that may deter the monster(s) to the point at which they leave it until levels normalise again.”

On the possibility of there being more than one Loch Ness monster, he added: “I’ve always believed there has to be a family of unknown creatures in the loch, albeit a small one. 

“It’s too much of a stretch to believe that a single creature can live for hundreds, if not thousands of years or more. Also, there are cave like formations near Urquhart Castle, known as Edwards Deep and no attempt has ever been made to see if these are navigable.”  

Eoin has now spotted the Loch Ness Monster four time altogether, three times in 2019 alone.

It emerged earlier this week that the skipper of a boat had used sonar to capture an image of a 25ft object deep below the waves of the loch.

Mike Bell, from Drumnadrochit, captured the image while he was taking a group of tourists for a trip on Loch Ness on June 27.

The RNLI issued a safety warning on Monday after plans for a mass search for the Loch Ness Monster on September 21 went viral on Facebook.

On the site 18,000 people said they are going to a Storm Loch Ness event with 38,000 “interested”.

The RNLI said the water is very deep and has an average temperature of 6C but is prone to deteriorating conditions with wave heights of 4m being recorded.

Research carried out last year revealed that the mythical creature is worth £41m a year to the Scottish economy.

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