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5 things to do before moving into your new house


Just like every other thing in the world moving should also be an activity that is planned beforehand in a proper way because if it is not then you might make many mistakes that can cost you both extra time and money. So plan make sure you plan shifting your belongings, location and obviously yourself at least two months prior to the actual day. You can also take help from house removals services.

When planning, there will be three stages; pre-moving preparation stage, moving stage and post moving stage. So in the first stage you will have to decide on things you need to do before moving which are as below.

  1. Update Your address

Image: Unsplash/Gemma Evans

Reaching a wrong address can be very annoying. Recall how worse you feel when you are impatiently waiting for the pizza you ordered to get delivered and just then the delivery guy calls you and updates you that he has reached a wrong address then asks you to guide him. Trust me if your post has been delivered to a wrong address its more worse because the process to get it back is a very long one and imagine how worried you would get if the post was a confidential letter or an original document. So avoid these problems by updating your new address everywhere; credit cards, subscription accounts, government and friends, a day prior to the official moving.

  1. Change the locks

The main purpose of installing lock is to ensure that you are safe and there’s no unauthorised access into your house. However if you do not change the lock the old land lord has installed then your motive might not be achieved because maybe he has an extra duplicate key to the house which he has forgotten to give or anything. Thus, to make sure you are safe and to not risk your safety make sure you replace the old door, window and even safe (if there is any) locks of the house. 

  1. Check for water and gas leakages

Image: Unsplash/Sasikan Ulevik

Leakages are not only messy but also dangerous. Did you know that a gas leakage can put your house on fire? So make sure you carefully inspect your house to see if any of the sinks in your toilets or kitchen are leaking or any commode’s flush is all leaky. Also make sure you check if any room’s tiles are swelling because if they are it means that the pipeline beneath is leaking. Plus do call a professional to ensure there are no gas leakages. If you find any sort of leakage in the house be sure to get it fixed before you move in otherwise be prepared to have all wet unpacked cartons.

  1. Booking a mover

If you think you will walk into a man with a van service and ask for moving service for the same day, then you are mistaken. That’s because you need book a moving van service a week and in some cases several weeks before the moving. Some local removal companies allow you to book a van for the very same day such as a man with a van service in Kent.

  1. Get any necessary renovations done

Image: Unsplash/Milivoj Kuhar

Make sure you get any needed renovations done before you move in like paint, replacing fans or fixing lights or anything because in an empty house it far easier to move the required equipment for renovation plus it easier to clean the mess it creates.