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6 handy gardening tips for every garden lover

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Gardening is said to be an art that not everyone can excel at or have an interest in. Today there are very few people who are gardeners by profession however the world is filled with millions of people who are gardeners at heart. They wait for the weekend to give their garden the trimming, addition and improvements it needs and literally treat each of the plant they grow as their child. So if you are one of those people who love experimenting with different garden designs and practice it as your side interest so below are a few handy gardening tips you wouldn’t want to miss.

  • Human waste for soil moisture

Image: Unsplash/Dylan de Jonge

We have always heard that manure is very beneficial for fertilizing land, let’s take the concept one step further by using human waste because it is very beneficial for the plant. Now the question arises how? Simply by lining that stinking and used diaper of your kid in the pot or basket then putting soil in it. What will this do? This used diaper will help the soil regain its moisture and so will impact the growth of the plant.

  • Shaker trick
Image: Unsplash/paul mocan

I know you always that the shakers belong in the kitchen or dining table for the salt and pepper but today I’ll tell you how you can very efficiently use it in the garden. Fill your shaker with diatomaceous earth and dust soil and whenever you feel a need for pest control, take your shaker out and shake the magic portion inside it, evenly on the plant and then wait for the results.

  • Wheel barrow alternative

Wheel barrow is important for moving those heavy soil bags from one place to another. However if you don’t have one, you really don’t need to worry because there’s always one you can create it at home. How? Simply by using a table cloth and placing soil bags on it and dragging it. Trust me it will serve your purpose very well and cheaply.

  • Homemade pest spray

Need a pest spray urgently and can’t go to the store to buy it? No issues you have my back! Quickly grab a spray bottle and fill it with water, then soak garlic or onion peels and skins in it and tada! Your pest spray is ready.

  • Slug killer

Image: Unsplash/Mike Kenneally

Are you a coffee fan like me? Well we are but not everyone is. So does it happen with you that you prepare coffee for your guests without asking them and they go like we don’t want it and so you have a full mug of it going to waste? Next time it happens, don’t throw that extra coffee instead spray it on your plants. Why? Because this will kill those annoying slugs in your pot.

  • Baking soda is the secret to sweeter tomatoes

Do you want tomatoes that are sweet and juicy? I know the store bought ones aren’t very juicy. The secret to the juiciness and sweetness is sprinkling baking soda in the soil but make sure it’s not sprinkled on the plant.

And hey! Read some garden quotes to keep you motivated. Good luck!

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