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How is vaping different from smoking


Electronic cigarettes are being known as the safe alternative of smoking. They now come in a variety of forms which include vape e-liquid flavours mods, Juuls, and vape pens. All recent studies concluded that vaping is better than smoking. England public health authority stated that electronic cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking and Cancer Research UK supporting vaping in the fight against tobacco-related diseases

Vaping is less harmful than smoking

E-cigarettes have much fewer chemicals in it and thus are safer than traditional cigarettes. Vaping devices heat nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals to create a vapor that we inhale. Tobacco cigarettes contain 7,000 chemicals, many of which are incredibly toxic. Blaha says there’s almost no doubt that they expose you to fewer toxic chemicals than traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that have a heating slot in it and a small cartridge that contains e-liquid. The device heats the liquid, which produces vapor then compare this to regular cigarettes where puffing burns the tobacco and produces harmful smoke that is the cause of significant danger for the cigarette smoker and everyone around them.

Vaping helps in getting rid of Nicotine

Vaping devices were first designed and made to quit smoking cigarettes. They help people to get rid of carcinogenic cigarettes. You can take nicotine dose by your desire. Doing so will help control your cravings that you might experience when you want to quit smoking.  It allows you to eliminate all chemicals present in cigarettes except the nicotine content. After that, you can follow a step by step plan to lower the nicotine content in your vape e-liquid.

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It’s way too economical

Undoubtedly, vaping is much cheaper and economical than smoking. A single e-cigarette can last a lifetime by re-filling it as compared to traditional cigarettes. All you need to do is buy a device which suits your budget and the flavours you like. E-cigarettes might sound like too much investment at the beginning, but it is undoubtedly not that costly and not going to burn a hole in your pocket. However, they last much longer, are durable and prove cost-effective in the long run.

Vape offers different flavours

Vaping allows you to enjoy a range of flavours of your desire.  Various vape e-juice flavours offers different characteristics such as fruity, creamy. These flavours not only increase your vaping experience but also help you get rid of any kind of smell that traditional smoke produces. Moreover, its smell also does not stick to your clothes. This is the reason why smoking e-cigarettes or vaping in public is widely accepted with fewer restrictions. Vape mods and its flavours also urge people to do vape as it is more fun in doing so, and have become a fashion.


As already mentioned above, e-cigarettes are much more eco-friendly as they do not release many chemicals in the form for vapor as compared to a traditional cigarette vs vaping. Moreover, the act and worry of tapping the ash or the cigarette are taken care of also. The amount of smoke exhaled out from an e-cigarette is much less compared to a traditional one, and in this way, air pollution from the environment are also reduced considerably.

 Prevent cardiovascular and lung diseases

First of all, quit smoking, and you’ll soon feel positive changes to your blood pressure, blood chemistry, and general well-being. Vape does not impart any disease that disturbs your heart and lungs, and that is why the preferable way to smoke.

Vaping is classier

Smoking e-cigarettes is the trend of this modern generation, and it has become a fashion now. Unlike cigarettes, it is considered as much more sophisticated and classy. There are various devices available for vaping, and each one of them can be customised. You can also adjust your nicotine level quick. All this makes vaping a better option than smoking.

 Safety First

Studies and researches all over the world concluded that when compared to the massive number of chemicals that are present in the traditional cigarettes such as Nicotine, methanol, butane, benzene and so on, e-cigarette carries only a few of them. Thus, chances for different diseases in different organs of the body and causing deadly diseases like Cancer is reduced to a much less extent when you consider e-cigarettes. Vaping is about 95% safer than smoking traditional cigarettes.