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NewsHilarious clip shows tiny toy combine harvester being towed on large trailer

Hilarious clip shows tiny toy combine harvester being towed on large trailer

HILARIOUS video shows a toy combine harvester being strapped down on a large trailer whilst it is towed by a 4×4 on the M74.

The funny clip shows the toy tied down to the enormous trailer in a peculiar mix-up.

The video was taken by retired nursing auxiliary nurse Sandra Fyfe who spotted the combine harvester travelling on the M74 near the English and Scottish border at around 4pm on Monday.

Sandra, 61, posted the video to the popular Facebook page ‘Scotland from the Roadside’ captioned: “Coming home from Liverpool.”

The video shows Sandra and her husband Richard travelling back to East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire on the motorway after visiting family in Liverpool when the black 4×4 passed them.

As the 4×4 drove past Sandra and Richard, 67, they noticed it was towing a large trailer behind it.

However, the load was a toy combine harvester which was strapped down by orange restraints as they travelled around 70mph on the motorway.

Sandra is heard saying: “Watch this people, watch this. Big truck, big truck, big truck, and what’s he towing…” as the video reveals the miniature green combine harvester.

The video has proved a hit and with more than 950 likes on Facebook. Many in the comments found the juxtaposition hilarious.

Sarah Will said: “Buzz and Woody hiding somewhere.”

Truck towing combine harvester
The hilarious sight was spotted on the M74

Janine Neenee Downie added: “That’s ridiculous.”

Colin Salmon wrote: “Made me laugh.”

Caroline Conroy added: “Someone with a sense of humour.”

Sandra today said she is glad the clip has put a smile on people’s faces.

She said: “My immediate thought was this guy has got a sense of humour, we had a lot of laughs about it.

“I wanted to film so I can put it on Facebook to give people a laugh. I’m so glad it has put a smile on people’s faces.”

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