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UncategorizedDo you know the meanings of different diamond shapes?

Do you know the meanings of different diamond shapes?

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Every diamond is a story. What does it mean behind each story?

Round diamonds also give you more flexibility in balancing cut, color and clarity when choosing diamonds.

To maximize the luminosity of traditional round diamonds, choose at least two top grades for cutting (Ideal or Very Good), and choose the polishing and symmetry levels of Ideal, Excellent or Very Good.

A partner who prefers this shape of diamond is a loyal supporter of the classic style, because it shows more traditional virtues such as kindness, elegance and enthusiasm.

Oval diamonds have the same brilliance as round diamonds. Oval diamonds (egg-shaped diamonds) are cut from long-formed rough stones. The variation on the circular shape makes the oval diamonds both unique and not deliberately carved.

Image: Hao Zang on Unsplash

And by its length to highlight the slenderness of the lady’s fingers, it is also a kind of diamond shape that is very popular among the public. For oval diamonds, the length-width ratio is most aesthetically pleasing between 1.33 and 1.66.

It is suitable for spouses who have a unique taste and not be a solitary individual and go around with her head in the air. In the eyes of Westerners, oval diamonds symbolize eternal vitality.

Olive diamond, also known as horse-eye diamond, is known as the “Queen of Trueing” in modern diamond millers. The thin and narrow cutting lines at both ends condense the light of the diamond.

This shape can make the diamond’s carat weight the best. Give the diamond a bigger appearance. People who choose olive-shaped diamonds are generally very bold and outgoing, knowing what they need.

The emerald diamond infinity necklalce is a stepped cut, which means that the table is cut into steps, the table is parallel to the edge, and the pyramid is cut off at the top.

It is a neat rectangular or square diamond with a cut edge at the corner. Generally there are 62 to 70 facets. The shape of the square makes the emerald-shaped diamonds have an extraordinary temperament.

It blends classical and modern, dignified and elegant, and has a deep inner rhyme. It can best reflect the spirit of being a leader.

The faceted design of the princess diamonds is bright and colorful, with a neat, simple and dazzling style. The beautiful brightness and unique cut make it the best choice for wedding rings. The princess-shaped diamond has a crown angle and a square shape.

The multiple, symmetrical shape represents the rules and focus. If you like a well-organized person, please pay more attention to it. The princess’s simple and steady appearance represents a simple and generous temperament.

It uses a straight line to show the charm and connotation, which is naturally consistent with the open-minded and calm male temperament. When worn by a woman, it can create a feeling of softness, demonstrating the self-confidence and open-mindedness of modern women.

Heart shape is the most romantic of all diamond shapes, so women who wear teardrop-shaped diamonds have a lot of imagination, believe in intuition, and admire romance. Due to the proximity to the round diamonds, the heart-shaped diamonds also have a pavilion that is close to the circle, giving off a fascinating color.

This most romantic diamond shape is loved by many passionate companions. As a symbol of love and romance, Heart-shaped diamonds are the choice of those who dare to reveal their true love to the world.

The pear shape personalized is also known as teardrop diamond cut, this shaped diamond with a brightness cut has a rounded end and a pointed end. Many people like round shapes but some people choose this pear-shaped diamond.

If you choose a longer pear shape, the length of the diamond adds a slender feel to your fingers. Appropriate pear-shaped length-width ratio :1.50 -1.75.

The meaning of pear-shaped diamonds: gentle, tough. With the most gentle and delicate shape, the character is lively and cheerful.

The beautiful and unique stung treng square shape is close to the emerald shape, but also close to the square. Most of the fashionable brides like this diamond.

The pitch crown angle is a sign of well shaped diamond. This crown angle gives the diamond a multi-faceted brilliance.

A Radiant-shaped diamond looks like a French stick-bread edge or a side like a round diamond. If you want the most ideal angle, you can choose a square with a length to width ratio greater than 1.11.

One of the most popular cuts of a century ago was the long-angled diamond, also known as a pillow, with a rounded crown and a larger face that adds brilliance to the candlelight. A suitable long-angle stepped diamond scale usually has a length-width ratio of 1-1.05. If you prefer a rectangle, you can choose a length-width ratio of more than 1.15.

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