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Affiliate Institute review – Scam or real way to earn passive income?


I’m here writing this review of the Affiliate Institute for a bit of an odd reason…you see; lately I’ve begun to get pretty annoyed by how often I see various other sites focusing on making money online push the Affiliate Institute on their readers.

I’m not here to debate the fact that creating an affiliate site/blog site is a great, proven way to make some money online. Of course it is. This can also start you down the path of creating your passive income source, which is what so many of us are after.

Shoot, I’ve been in and out of these kinds of websites for more than 10 years now, and ya know, you are actually reading one of those very sites! However, these can be a bit difficult to setup and they don’t make you immediate cash unless you already know how to generate traffic.

So, yea, I figured why not go and sign up for the Affiliate Institute myself finally and put out a truly, completely honest review to show everyone just what I think of this training program.

Want to skip the bulk of the article? Don’t care about the details? Skip down below to the section where I talk about whether its worth it or not to see where I land.

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Why Are So Many People Talking About the Affiliate Institute?

Like I mentioned in the beginning, I’m a bit annoyed at the others writing about the Affiliate Institute so often. Why? Because they don’t give you many details about what led them to their decision! They just say its great, and I mean…that’s nice, but don’t we all want to know WHY they love it so much? This is how you can decide whether or not it’s for you, right?

What is the Affiliate Institute?

The Affiliate Institute is an online training program that teaches people how to get into the world of affiliate marketing. They teach site creation, funnels, branding, traffic generation, and pretty much everything you could think of in order to become an affiliate marketer who makes money.

The training itself is pretty vast, and it does not take anyone very long at all searching in Google to see that people are loving the training.

For me, I recently heard about the Affiliate Institute from a friend of mine who used to be a freelance IT consultant. One of his clients had recently gone through the process and become a full time marketer online doing affiliate marketing, and it turned him onto the training system.

The Education You Get

Something no one can deny when it comes to the Affiliate Institute is that their training is incredibly comprehensive, and covers a TON of aspects of online marketing. They also constantly create new content so that they’re always up to date. There’s just a crazy amount of content to learn.

The training itself has tons of videos, text, graphics, and more so that you can cover everything in the way you can learn best. This is definitely training you’ll want to focus on and try to digest many times to make sure you can fully grasp all the concepts provided. It definitely isn’t a passive education. You need to put time in and work through the training to learn everything. You aren’t just sitting around watching a YouTube video and learning nothing.

Their Live Events

In order to close the gap between constantly updated training and minute by minute content, the Affiliate Institute runs regular live training seminars and events to teach new skills, introduce new tools, and help you network with like minded individuals.

At the time of my writing this review of the Affiliate Institute they’ve recently held a really amazing live event that taught a ton of interested concepts involving traffic generation and converting that traffic into paying customers.

Sometimes if you’re lucky they’ll record the events and offer those recordings of some of the top presentations to their paid members. Getting involved with those events is really something that is likely to pay dividends to those who apply what is learned.

Community Support

The Affiliate Institute has an amazing online community, and everyone is highly encouraged to take part of it. You certainly don’t have to if that isn’t your thing, but you’d benefit greatly from it.

In the middle of the community you’ll see something like a social media timeline, and there are comments and interesting interactions taking place.

As I already mentioned, you aren’t required to participate with the community, but most seem to get a great deal out of doing so. For me I’ve found it useful to interact with others working on similar projects or dealing with similar problems as myself.

Additionally, for premium members you also get live support chat available if you have more specific questions and issues to deal with.

So, is the Affiliate Institute worth the Money?

For the price you get a ton of value for the money involved. This is particularly true if you think about all the training and tools that are made available to you. Not to mention the amazing support system and community systems that is in place.

That said, I really don’t think the Affiliate Institute is for everyone and anyone. As an example, since I already know a lot about affiliate marketing I wouldn’t find it all that useful. I already have companies I work with and my own ways of generating traffic that work well. 

However, if you’re new to the game, or you need more ways of generating traffic, or want to look at new companies, then the Affiliate Institute is an exciting training program to sign up for. They do a great job of making some of the more challenging areas of affiliate marketing less difficult and less of a hurdle to get past.

The Affiliate Institute is good for:

Great for beginning and intermediate online marketers who are looking for help to get their projects up and running faster, who are less technically minded, or people who want to play around with owning a website. Also good for those who don’t know how to generate traffic, build funnels, or running email campaigns?

The Affiliate Institute Isn’t’ as Good For:

Those affiliate marketers who already know what they’re doing, work with established companies regularly, and run their own extremely profitable campaigns and traffic.

Conclusion of My Affiliate Institute Review

Going through and writing this review of the Affiliate Institute was definitely edifying. I was able to see just why everyone is writing such glowing reviews of this training program, and I was able to see what sort of tactics they use and teach to help people become successful online.

Just like most things online, the conclusion you come to will most probably say a lot about how you personally view things as well as what I’ve laid out for you. AI certainly is not a scam, and the business itself is quite transparent about what sort of training you can expect to get for the price you pay.

Having said all that I’ll end on this one comment. It costs money, and it takes time to learn properly if you want to be successful. However, it’s a solid training program if you want to get into the field of affiliate marketing. Give it a shot and be sure to come back and let us know what you think.


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