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EntertainmentMUSICAL - Legally Blonde the Musical

MUSICAL – Legally Blonde the Musical

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FEATURING some of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s rising stars, Legally Blonde The Musical is an empowering, booty-shaking exploration of self-worth, gender bias, and of course, girl power. [star rating = 4/5]  

Adapted from the novel Legally Blonde, and the 2001 film of the same name, the musical has since become iconic for its energising pop-rock score and sense of lighthearted fun.

It follows Elle Woods (VANESSA CAMPBELL), who is devastated after her ex-boyfriend Warner (JOEY MULLIGAN) dumps her for not being serious enough. Desperate to prove to him she’s not the dumb, blonde sorority girl he believes her to be, Elle enrolls alongside him at Harvard Law School.

Though she doesn’t receive the warm welcome she imagined, she instead discovers that she is capable of far more than even she ever dreamed. Armed with her new-found skills and sense of self-confidence, as well as her own unique style, Elle shakes up the status quo and takes the courtroom by storm.

What’s great about the production is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are plenty of laughs interspersed throughout, the songs are upbeat and catchy, and the choreography is energising and fun.

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The cast perform with palpable enthusiasm, which gets the audience moving in their seats, and leaves the show feeling much shorter than its 150 minute run time.

Despite the small stage and minimal (albeit effective) set, the show has the feel of a much larger-scale production.  

However, it feels like it would maybe have a greater impact performed in a larger venue, with better acoustics and more room for the cast to really move around.

The performers all sing and dance to an incredibly high standard. However, it was Eloise Runnette’s portrayal of the hairdresser Paulette Buonufonte that was the stand-out performance.  

Her powerful vocals were ranged and emotional, with that effortless feel that you can tell actually took years of hard work to achieve..

If you’re looking for a great way to kick off your Fringe experience, then look no further. With an empowering message, lots of laughs, and what feels like a professional West End production for a fraction of the price, you’ll for sure get your money’s worth with Legally Blonde the Musical.

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