Bizarre clip shows man order at McDonald’s drive-thru with a “dinosaur”


HILARIOUS video captures the moment a man is seen ordering from McDonald’s – whilst accompanied by a “tyrannosaurus rex”

The bizarre scene was captured on 1 August by Paul Evans at a drive-thru branch in the Gallagher Retail Park in Coventry, West Midlands.

A gob-smacked crowd can be seen staring in disbelief as the man and dinosaur wait in line to collect their food.

Several videos showing the unknown ranger and his companion emerged on social media yesterday walking around other parts of the city.

Paul’s footage shows a man dressed like a Jurassic Park ranger placing an order at the fast food restaurant alongside a dinosaur.

The camera zooms in to reveal the man, dressed exactly a character from the film Jurassic Park, clutching a small rubber dinosaur.

Next to him looms a ferocious looking T-Rex, baring its teeth and blinking it beady eye.

The dinosaur can be seen shaking its massive head from left to right and tapping its feet impatiently.

As the pair wait to collect their order the crowd can be heard chuckling in the background.

A line of traffic is seen queuing up behind them as the man smiles and chats with the cashier.

49-old-Paul from Coventry filmed the unusual scene yesterday afternoon whilst sat in his car along with his wife Trish, 41.

Dinosaur at Drive Thru window
The unusual scene was captured by a customer at McDonald’s

Speaking today he said: “It was about 2.30 in the afternoon, I was sitting with my wife when he appeared and walked through the drive through.

“Honestly, at first I thought my coffee had been tampered with!”

Several other accounts of the sighting have also appeared on Facebook prompting social media users to have react with amusement to the scene.

Facebook page ‘Spotted Coventry City’ said: “Breaking News. Dinosaur spotted in Coventry today.”

Sarah Buxton wrote: “Nothing to see here, just taking my baby tyrannosaurus rex out for a walk.”

Vikki Mills added: “It’s all been happening at the Gallagher today.”

While Michael Gniado joked: “Another unregistered Jurassic reptile walking the streets, using public services and the NHS. When his eggs hatch they’ll need nursery spaces.. And home office does nothing #sendalldinosaursbackNOW #Brexit”.

Facebook comment
Sarah was just one of many Facebook users to respond

Paul confirmed the man and his dinosaur were taking a break from their appearance at nearby children’s fun fair ‘Kidz Kingdom’ which runs in Coventry until the end of the week.

In March last year an unknown man was photographed in Beccles, Suffolk attempting to use a McDonald’s drive-thru while on horseback.

Similarly in August 2018, Louise Carter from Powick, Worcestershire claimed she was refused service when she attempted to place her order at a McDonald’s while on a horse.

A McDonald’s spokesman said: “While our policy is very clear that only road worthy vehicles are allowed in the drive-thru, in this case the restaurant team were asked permission and made a one off exception.

“After all, drastic times call for Jurassic measures! We dino if anything will ever triceratop this.”