Thursday, June 30, 2022
EntertainmentCOMEDY - 100% Cotton is 100% an hour well spent

COMEDY – 100% Cotton is 100% an hour well spent

100% COTTON has a sought after freshness that is more than welcome to those of us who can often take life too seriously. [star rating =4/5]

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Liz Cotton is a comic songwriter unlike any other. She is a classical guitarist with a penchant for sex and satire.

Liz is a natural story teller, and owned the stage as soon as she stepped on it. The audience appreciated the accessibility that emanated from her. It was an afternoon where laughter was the common denominator among everybody seated in Paradise in the Vault.

The show was a well-structured story about her struggles as a musician having to hide her peculiar songwriting vocation from her parents.

She takes audience members on a trip discussing childhood, family, sex, marriage, insects, travels and aching knees.

100% Cotton is not only well thought out satire, but is also full of great music executed at the hands of a very experienced guitarist.

The songs and monologues were expertly crafted to draw the audience in and built an intimate atmosphere that made us feel part of Liz’s journey as an artist.

The list of songs followed an almost chronological order and the most enjoyed were “My naked boyfriend” and “Sex song”. Her guitar style was effortless and her voice was melodic and sweet.

She dabbled easily on folk rhythms and her tunes were the perfect companions to the smart, if somewhat naughty lyrics.

Her first solo Edinburgh show was highly enjoyable and brimming with warm humour.

100% Cotton is 100% an hour well spent.

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