Friday, May 20, 2022
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COMEDY – All Together Irish at Dropkick Murphys

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Photo: Simone Medonos

If you’re Irish and feeling homesick I strongly suggest you head down to Dropkick Murphy’s for a pint of the black stuff and the free show, All Together Irish – which is showing twice a day, and will introduce you to some of Ireland’s top comics and some international guests.

Saturday’s show featured Conor Drum, Rory O’Hanlon, Colin Chadwick, Anna Clifford and the self-proclaimed Irish Ed Sheeran, Fred Cooke.

The room was packed full, and the audience clearly agreed, or at the very least were very amused at the numerous jabs at the Belfast accent – apparently it is very unsexy (I take serious offence).

Accents aside, the comedians poked fun at a range of topics. Among tales of the home country, was Fred Cooke’s breakdown of the logistics of using Irish folk music as part of a terrorist attack.

Anna Clifford was the stand out, the dirty Dubliner spoke about being a millennial and how Irish girls are described as the life of the party, but never complemented on their looks: “They’re great craic – but no one ever says they have a great crack”.

Overall this show promises a hilarious hour of comedy, and it is well worth the watch whether you’re Irish or not.

Plus you can’t argue with the price (there isn’t one).

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