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How to avoid overload of your employees by hiring a remote dedicated team

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The most important, dangerous, and difficult period for a startup is the initial one. It is still unclear if the project will be a success, and you have tons of work to be done as soon as possible. For the employees, it is a stressful period, and if your development team shows no result, despite working their fingers – it is time to call for help.

It is quite easy to find help in the IT-sphere: the colleagues can live in any part of the world and easily maintain your project remotely. And one of the most popular and efficient decisions for today is to hire a dedicated remote team.

The dedicated remote team and its role in the company

Hiring an offshore dedicated team is a popular strategy used by many companies these days. It functions as an agreement between the customer and the service provider: a development center. The client orders services on a long-term basis. Of course, the period of a contract depends on the client’s needs. 

The remote team is provided by the dedicated development provider. It is completed on the basis of the client’s requirements: the company will get the professionals with the corresponding experience and skills. The client can handle the team without help or assign a project manager. 

The main goal of the dedicated remote employees is to meet the client’s requirements seamlessly and without troubles. Usually, they work as an external part of the company, but with time the remote team blends with the company’s culture, and at some point becomes a part of the staff.

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Cooperation with the remote programmers goes through such stages:

  1. The client describes the requirements and asks for the specifically skilled employees.
  2. The development service provider completes the dedicated team.
  3. The team establishes a common working plan and rules for the workflow.
  4. The team is working according to the plan until the needed result is achieved.

In this model, the dedicated programmers support the in-house stuff reducing the work volume and making the workflow faster. The client stays tuned to the team’s progress and controls the workload through clear project management and frequent interaction.

The risk of overload of in-house employees

The first months are the most difficult for the startup and the most stressful for the employees. And the risk of overload of in-house employees is high, although software development is a formalized and thought-out area. The need for extra workloads appears when the company needs to meet early deadlines or finish some work before the project is launched. Not all the risks can be predicted and classified: you can never know when the overloaded person will burn out. 

Overload is dangerous because it doesn’t happen at once – it is built over weeks, months or even years. Often its harm can be measured only over the long-term. Your employees are under risk in case of:

  • the increased job demands
  • extreme pressure of meeting deadlines
  • the pressure of performing work of certain quality
  • the constant need to regulate the emotions

What happens as a result of employee’s overload? People who found their job demands too high, try to cut corners. The stressed employees focus only on the parts of work they deem to be the most important. The secondary duties remain out of attention. 

Benefits of hiring the remote dedicated developers

If you need the programmers for the startup, but the in-house workers have too much to do – a team of dedicated developers can solve this problem. Temporary engaging of the outside resources will prevent your team members from suffering from endless workloads. The team will also avoid missing a major deadline or meeting the main goal. The in-house developers will get needed support, and the company will lower the risk of failure on the stage of origin.

The additional developers can be located in any part of the world. And if it is difficult to find a person with proper skills in your city, search for the candidates globally. The startups, which work with the remote departments, have such opportunities as:

  • Productivity. Not everyone is productive from 9 to 17. For the programmers, it is often more convenient to work late at night or early in the morning. The remote employees can organize their work in the most productive way.
  • Access to global talents. In the dedicated development team, you will find only specialists with the corresponding skill set and work experience.
  • Reducing resource costs. Hiring the remote team you don’t have to organize their workspace. This money could be spent on the salary bonuses or invested in the other parts of the project.
  • Time zone coverage. With the remote employees, you can get almost endless workflow: while in-house workers are already free, the remote programmers still have working hours. The process flows faster.

Hiring remote workers can be beneficial for any type of company. The dedicated team is easily customized for the needs of a particular startup. And the project managers can quickly eliminate the disadvantages of such cooperation.


Before the startup is launched, you and your team probably have too much to do. And it can have negative consequences for the whole project. Overload of the in-house coders is a typical problem for young companies. The most dangerous thing about it is that you can notice the overload only when the workers are already exhausted. 

There is a way to avoid this situation. Every company can benefit from extending the team remotely. The remote dedicated development team is built from the specialists, needed for your project. The project manager creates a team separately for every product – there is no universal team for different types of companies. With the time the remote coders become a part of your company and support your in-house employees as long as they need help. The hiring of the remote dedicated coders is care about your workers. And happy workers do their best for the company.

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