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CHILDREN’S SHOWS – Comedy Club 4 Kids

Who better to review kids shows than a kid?

Deadline at the Fringe’s youngest reviewer, 6-year-old Gus, is out with his Dad Paul (42) to give their say on this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe acts.

Gus is an accredited reviewer with the Fringe

[star rating =4/5]

While Gus and I queued excitedly outside the big red, double doors of the Roxy tower for our first show of the Festival and my son’s first ever stand-up show we had no idea what to expect. What we got was an authentic club experience and a solid introduction to live comedy at the fringe.

The big attraction here is that you’re introducing young festival goers to the real Fringe.

Seasoned standups with their own shows and something to say who might tone down the language for the junior audience but don’t hold back on the laughs.

On the day we visited, Marcel Lucont the barefoot bon-viveur out of France, took the stage first playing laconic compere.

There’s a telling endorsement of the Comedy Club 4 Kids as Marcel asks the audience who’s been to the club before and hands of all ages shoot up right across the room.

This show appears to be an end of day festival habit for many families. By the end of the show I understand why.

With a sardonic, avuncular manner Marcel interrogates his audience, dismissively insulting the kids, he is equal parts bemused by and intolerant of childhood making him an ideal MC for a family show.

Kids are drawn to this kind of deprecating conversation in the way that cats magnetically attach themselves to the person in the room with the strongest allergies.

Marcel’s interogations were punctuated by Stupid Olymipcs gold medalist Eleanor (Post) Morton, Shit Socialist Chris Tavner and former professional wrestler Lee Kyle, accompanied by bodyguard Colt Cabana.

Kyle tells us he’s been accused of using bad language in front of kids and that burly wrestler Cabana is on hand to protect him, as much from himself, as from any outraged, helicopter parents in the audience.

Boobs, bums, willies and balls all get a brief mention and the kids absolutely lose it. Parents cover their faces and laughter with their hands.

This is genuine Fringe comedy and probably not suitable for parents who are precious or overly concerned about their kid’s comfort being tested.

Every child in the room tittered, snorted and belly laughed through each act and their grownups didn’t feel left out. Plenty of asides went over the little heads, landing subtly with parents who can decide for themselves whether they want to explain their laughter.

With different performers each night and no individual listings on the EdFringe site you’ll need to check the Comedy Club 4 Kids website to find out who’s going to take the stage.

The club’s steeply raked seating at the top of a stone staircase could make access challenging. 

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