Bizarre images show whole potato in Tesco bag of finest crisps


A WOMAN was stunned to find a whole potato in her packet of Tesco finest crisps.

Anna Elliott, from Belfast, pulled out the fried spud the size of her fist from a packet of sea salt and cider vinegar crisps while on a boat trip.

The crisps were bought by civil servant Erin Savage, 36, from Kilclief, County Down, took to Tesco’s community Facebook page to highlight the discovery.

She composed a lengthy poem which concluded: “A whole spud, can you believe it/The size of my fist lying in the middle of my mit./Perfectly cooked and covered in flavour/Bet if I bit into it, it would be a taste I’d savour.”

Potato in Crisps
Anna was stunned to pull out a whole potato from her Tesco Finest crisps

She added: “Our picnic was railroaded and I’ll never get it back/So please make sure in future all the potatoes are well cut in the sack.”

The picture shows Anna holding the potato with one hand and the packet with the other.

Another image shows the spud resting on Erin’s hand, and covers most of her palm.

Tesco’s customer service team responded in poetry, writing: “If you like to send me details I’ll sort this problem out/Your address and email will do for a shout/That’s about it and hope you see/We are really sorry about this poor escapee.”

Joe Trent responded online with an attempt at a limerick, writing: “Erin and her mate to sea scoffing a bag of crisps/She bit into a spud then had a good blub/and now it has come to this.”

Fried potato
The potato was found inside the salt and vinegar crisps

Eddie Docherty commented: “I recognise him. Sam Spud!”

Speaking today, Erin revealed she wondered why the rest of the crisps, bought on August 1 in Belfast, were so “soggy.”

She said: “It was my friend Anna who lifted it out of the bag, we had been wondering why the crisps were soggy.”

In 2015, an Aldi customer from Mildenhall, Suffolk, found a whole potato in his pack of steak and onion crisps – and nothing else.

Richard Bootman said he initially thought it was “a ball of soggy crisps”, but then soon realised what it was.

Aldi later apologised and offered Richard a full refund.