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Claim and procedure for Personal Independence Payment in the UK

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Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a transfer payment offered by the UK government to help poor health persons and disabilities. To avail this payment, an individual can apply for DS1500 form or use the PIP contact number 0843550087.

Subsidies are awarded between £21.80 and £139.75 a week based on the applicant’s needs.

These payments are offered only for ill people who are between 16 to 64 years of age. To avail this PIP,the applicant must be a resident of the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

PIP Claim Procedure

The individual who is between 16 to 64 years of age having poor health or illness can apply for PIP. To claim PIP following are the procedures.

  • First, approach the Department of work and pension office and request for the DS1500 form. 
  • Properly fill the form without any mistake. 
  • If you have any doubt or need any help you can contact citizens advice,or you can call PIP number for any clarification. 
  • Remember that you must be the resident of the UK, and have lived in Great Britain for a minimum of 2 years or more in the past three years. The individual must fulfil that criterion before applying for PIP
  • PIPs are composed of two parts daily and the mobility component.
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Daily and Mobility Component

PIP has two parts daily and mobility. Both the part has an upper and lower-tier rate. Based on the medical assessment, they are qualified for PIP.

The payments are intended to defray the assistance and equipment cost for the illness and treatment needs. Hence the level of impairment must be substantial.

In case of mild impairment, they are eligible to receive standard payout whereas severe ones qualify for enhanced tier support.

How long and how much can anyone claim PIP?

Based on the illness and disabilities, the Department of Work and pension decides how much to be awarded for the applicant?

Department of work and pension (DPW) has all rights to award claim based on circumstances. The DPW will continuously review the case and benefits of the applicant and fix the claim amount accordingly. 

If you need any assistance or information regarding the claim, you can call PIP number 0843 455 0087. The Department of Work and pension customer care assist you regarding the awarded claim and further information.

PIP allowances

Department of work and pension provide a claim for illness persons and disabilities. They help poor health persons with two variance allowances: one is living expenses while the other is mobility costs.

Daily living Component

This claim is for everyday need and helps with living expenses on everyday tasks. This allowances claim includes every day needs like washing, preparing for meals, dressing, communicating, etc.

DPW provides funds to the applicant to fulfil their daily needs and expenses. These components are at the enhanced or standard rate.

Mobility Component

DPW award claims for mobility needs. This includes moving for a while, planning a journey, following a route, etc. It meant the cost of moving around. These components are available either at the standard rate or at enhancing rate.

These payments are received by the applicant every week for a maximum of 3 years. DWP send the notification before 14 days regarding the award expiry date. Once you receive the notification the applicant can do renew for future purposes.

PIP individuals get the benefit as all PIP is not subject to taxation. For any assistance or help an individual can contact PIP number 0843 455 0087.

The official website is also available to know about the details of PIP, its procedure, claim, update, assistance, and information. 

Appeal PIP Decision

DPW allows the individual to appeal for an unfairly denied award or the person who likes to challenge the amount awarded. In those case, the individual must follow the proper procedure operation regarding Appealing disability decisions.

The individual can claim for universal credit or if they need any help or assistance regarding appealing disability benefits and decisions you can call PIP contact number 843 455 0087.

Budgeting Loan Number

The government runs schemes for the poor people who receive a low income, and when there is a need for money occurs, the Government provides a social fund to the needy.

An individual who is very poor and need minor financial need, can contact budgeting loan number 0843 455 0031 and get assistance from them.

This budgeting loan helps the poor people in different needs and unexpected expenses like funeral expenses, unexpected expenses, disasters like flood, fire, etc.

The Budgeting loan is there to offer one off-travel expense inside the UK during an emergency. Winter fuel allowances and cold weather payment also offered in this department. If you want to get more information about budgeting loan please visit here.


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