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EntertainmentCOMEDY - Aidan Greene: Eternal Sunshine of the Stammering Man

COMEDY – Aidan Greene: Eternal Sunshine of the Stammering Man

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IN THE cinema room of Banshee Labyrinth, an airlines announcement sounds to fasten the seatbelts and get ready for what’s ahead – that is Irish comedian AIDAN GREENE.

[star rating =4/5]

A man whose humour feels very authentic, Aidan centres the show around stammering as he has a stammer himself.

His stuttering is a genuine speech impediment which can be clearly heard throughout the show.

This does not take away from the humour, instead he harnesses it in his delivery.

He uses a mixture of stand up and videos that he has himself produced.

Part of the plot of his production surrounds the story of curing his stammer – Aidan is the test subject for a scientific discovery which he is quick to point out is hilariously flawed.

Aidan also touches on his childhood, his relationship with his brother, and his life now.

He tells of his life long struggle with stammering which reached its’ worst when he was in high school.

He had a lack of confidence in himself because of it – only to find it a gift years later that allows him to do what he does today.

Aidan Greene clearly has a talent for comedy, and harnessing his gift has given him an authentic edge at this Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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