COMEDY – Emmy Fyles: Socially Awkward Penguin

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EMMY FYLES is “like a female Mr Bean”, wearing her onesie and holding nothing back as her show surrounds one central theme – social awkwardness. [star rating =4/5]

What’s interesting about Emmy is that she is not a stereotypical stand-up comedian, she herself is socially awkward! Hence why for her being a comedian is fantastic because the conversation is “one-way”.

Emmy covers a vast range of topics from the lap dancing bars of Edinburgh, international leaders, her mother, weddings, Hollywood, social media, blind dates and many, many more.

She does this through a combination of her own witty humour and using a screen to display images and videos, the majority which she has self-produced.

Much of what she discusses is very relatable for young people, especially those who may not be the most confident in the world and who are prone to having socially awkward moments.

The dependency of this production on technology did have a downside, as there were some technical difficulties during the performance towards the beginning.

It was of course no fault of Emmy’s and while it was being sorted, she enthused the crowd with her energetic humour and those in the audience enjoyed an improvised part of the show.

She comes across as a very down to Earth human being and warmed audience members with her humour.

Despite life’s difficulties, she chooses to be her best self and is bringing great joy to her guests at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.