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COMEDY – Made in Spain 2

MADE IN SPAIN 2 is brought to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe by SONIA ASTE, a very enthusiastic and proud Spaniard who has enjoyed living in the United Kingdom and has put smiles on the faces of many from London to Edinburgh.

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One very innovative approach that Sonia takes is before she even gets on stage, by offering free fans to audience members as they enter the venue, providing a huge relief for those currently living in the Scottish summer.

Sonia’s presents her comedy through stand-up and close engagement with the audience. She talks football, language and British holidaymakers in Spain.

One special feature of Made in Spain 2 is Sonia’s keenness for audience inclusion. Beware – it’s not just the front row at risk.

She talks about her own life, from her upbringing in a strong Catholic environment in Spain to her family and previous relationships – from why she came to where she is today.

Her quick wit and off the cuff humour is a great asset to her production.

She has been on a remarkable journey and is a very worthy comedian to see at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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