COMEDY – Joke Thieves at Cabaret Voltaire


[star rating =4/5]

Four stand-up comedians take to the stage to entertain their audience in what appears to be a very standard comedy show. But once the comedians have done their own pieces, they’re suddenly forced to step into each other’s shoes and do each other’s material.

Before the show kicked off, a member of the audience decided who was to copy who, allowing the comedians enough time to make notes on each other’s performances.

One by one, the comedians did their pieces, making jokes about the modern world, racism, sex and the ridiculous things that have gone on in their lives.

Then things were switched around, and the comedians suddenly found themselves stealing (or trying to) each other’s jokes.

There was a general sense of fear and awkwardness among the comedians as they tried to deliver someone else’s punchlines, which only added to the hilarity of the whole situation.

The only one out of last night’s band of comedians who didn’t look like a rabbit in the headlights was Kate Barron. She was paired with Danny Ward to copy and perform his material, yet she managed to play with his material in a way that didn’t feel like an imitation.

Instead, she used the notes she’d made of his material to mock him and his entire stand-up routine.

Created by Will Mars, this amazingly ridiculous show is guaranteed to have its audience in stitches.

After all, what’s not to love about comedians stepping way outside their comfort zone and discovering the terror of trying to be someone else?