COMEDY – London Hughes: To Catch a D*ck


[star rating =4/5]

From being fired from an adult porn channel, to her experience having a ‘shoe daddy’ with a foot fetish, London Hughes is sure to make your life seem very vanilla.

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The show is reflective, story-like and, as insisted by London, a very educational summary of everything you need to know about catching d*ck.

With a refreshing and infectious energy, her quick-witted responses demonstrate her natural talent for comedy.

She encourages participation from the room, even appointing a moral compass and requesting help in creating new hand gestures for sex acts.

She laces issues regarding feminism and race into her performance, cleverly tying it together with more trivial everyday anecdotes, including dates gone wrong and her raunchy involvement with a boxing champion she may or may not identify.

Not only will you get an in-depth insight into her personal life, she unearths the reality of those awkward sexual situations, relaying thoughts that have probably crossed all of our minds but that we may have been too afraid to say out loud.

London manages to create an instant friendship with everyone in the room.

Alongside making you wish you could grab a drink with her after the show, she’ll probably open your eyes to the truth of being a single woman in the 21st century (if you’re not already painfully aware).

If you’re particularly sensitive about anything of a sexual nature, maybe this show isn’t for you, but if you’re after an hour of brutal honesty and absolute hilarity then you can catch up with her at the Pleasance Courtyard for the rest of the Fringe.