Squirmes: Hermes driver dumps £80 parcel in bin full of maggots


HERMES have apologised after a driver dumped a customer’s £80 order into a maggot-infested bin.

The contents of the two packages, which included a birthday present, ended up covered in maggots and “bin juice”.

To add insult to injury, Arianna Farah-Abadi had been waiting in all day for the delivery only for it to be dumped in the most revolting place imaginable.

Arianna, 26, from London, was forced to throw out a pair of jeans after the foetid contents of the bin, including the maggots, got inside the bags.

Stomach-churning images show 26-year-old Arianna’s packages dumped in a dirty bin on top of a black bag.

Parcel covered in maggots
The Missguided parcel was crawling with maggots

One photo shows her package covered in brown sludge and crawling with maggots.

Arianna had ordered a pair of jeans from online retailer I Saw It First and a bag from leather goods company Azurina.

She had been working from home all day on Wednesday in anticipation of receiving the delivery, but was left perplexed when it never showed up.

It wasn’t until later that evening when she received an e-mail with a photo showing the item’s location that she realised what had happened.

A furious Arianna took to social media to complain to the delivery company.

She tweeted the images with the caption: “@TheAzurinaStore I ordered from yourself and @Hermesparcels left my parcel in a ‘safe place’. I did not ask them to do this as I was in the house waiting for the doorbell to get the parcel. The said ‘safe place’ was a bin (the neighbour’s bin not even my bin) picture attached.”

Bin with maggots
Arianna’s packages were saturated with foul smelling “bin juice”

“This bin was riddled with maggots and had a dirty bin bag. Maggots have got into the box, beautiful packaging and item. Why Hermes think this is acceptable I don’t know. This is appalling! Pictures show maggots in the bin and dirty bin bag.”

Speaking today, Arianna said: “When I got to them, the parcel with jeans had maggots and bin juice all over it and it smelled actually vile, I literally wanted to throw up. It made my skin crawl, I was able to wipe down the bag but I’ve just left the jeans in the bin.”

“I’ve had problems before with Hermes, like my heart drops every time I see that they are going to deliver to me.

“There have been multiple times where they can’t be a**** to deliver. I got in contact with them and basically said I was absolutely appalled this had happened.”

Arianna confirmed that Hermes had been in touch to to refund her purchase, but she feels this is not enough.

Arianna was sickened by the discovery

She said: “It’s in no way a reflection on the stores and Azurina have been great and gave me 20% off. To be fair the Hermes customer service woman credit to her she was so lovely, but it shouldn’t happen in the first place.”

Hermes have since apologised for the incident.

A Hermes spokeswoman said: “Yesterday afternoon our customer service team was in touch to apologise to Ms Farah-Abadi who has accepted a goodwill payment of £50. Our field team is in contact with the courier involved to ensure that this will not happen again.”