COMEDY – Comedy Queers


If you’ve already seen one too many straight/cis comedians at the festival, spice things up with the queer comedy showcase Comedy Queers.

[star rating =4/5]

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Sponsored by Planet Bar (Edinburgh’s longest running Gay Bar) as an attempt to highlight the importance of bringing more LGBTQ+ oriented content to Edinburgh Festival Fringe, SIAN DAVIES hosts Comedy Queers: a show which offers a pleasant and enjoyable insight into the LGBTQ+ community, as witnessed through the lives of five different LGBTQ+ and/or allies performers.

On Thursday night (8thAug) all of the performers brought something uniquely brilliant to the showcase, however SAM SEE who was up first stood out the most.

Sam’s act felt very personal and gave the audience a funny but valuable insight into how life feels living in Singapore, a country where even the concept of the LGBTQ+ community feels completely alien.

Using his quick wit and approachable personality, Sam succeeded in sending a message about the importance of self-acceptance and pride – despite knowing that “haters gonna hate”. 

Moving across the pond, ZACH ZIMMERMAN entertained the audience by explaining how growing up Gay in the American South shaped him as an individual and helped him deal with being raised in a highly Christian environment.

Zach came across as extremely relatable, giving the impression that in order to find happiness, everyone should assess their priorities and make necessary changes (even if that means ‘converting from Christianity to Vegetarianism’) in order to continue growing as individuals. 

Despite some technical difficulties throughout the show, the eccentric ADA CAMPE skillfully managed to get the audience off their feet whilst waiting for her psychic duck to appear.

Ada’s magical comedy performance offered something slightly different, but was nonetheless extremely funny.

 … and for those of you that have ever wonder how two women engage in intercourse, don’t look past the incredibly funny KERRY LEIGH. 

Kerry reliving coming to terms with her sexuality was the absolute highlight of her performance.

It was also particularly educational because of her carefully chosen metaphors and analogies – such as removing the hot dog sausages but keeping the buns.

Comedy Queers ended with an incredibly hilarious camp comedy satire act performed by TVTV (ROLAND SAUNDERS), who poked fun at everyone from Donald Trump to Her Majesty the Queen, and all with a ton of sass.