MUSICAL- The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!)


Just to be clear, it’s a musical.

[star rating =3/5]

Musicals, by their very nature, tend to be a bit surreal. The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!) was more surreal than every other musical in the world combined.

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Parodying every musical ever made (almost), this utterly ridiculous production involved five acts dedicated to musical theatre composers such as Stephen Sondheim, Jerry Herman and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

There were also references to the Sound of Music and Phantom of the Opera along the way, adding to the complete absurdity of the entire show.

Each of the five acts was dedicated to a different composer, each telling a slightly different story.

However, all plots involved a woman who couldn’t pay her rent and a somewhat twisted landlord. Poking fun at all features of a musical from the love songs, to the dance routines to the audience themselves, the show got some pretty good laughs.

There was not a single serious moment in this performance stuffed with bizarre plot twists, equally bizarre songs and the narrator describing all the imaginary special effects.

The whole thing may be too absurd for some tastes, but its ridiculous nature does have a certain appeal to it.

Any die-hard musical fans will get a real kick out of spotting all the references within the show.