Friday, July 1, 2022
EntertainmentCIRCUS - 360 Allstars wow families at Assembly George Square

CIRCUS – 360 Allstars wow families at Assembly George Square

Deadline at the Fringe’s youngest reviewer, 6-year-old Gus, is out with his Dad Paul (42) to give their say on this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe acts.

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“It was very very cool. They were so epic and I didn’t know you could do that many tricks on a bmx or go round and round on a hoop and there were breakdancers doing tricks that even I can’t do” – Gus.

7 performers, 5 disciplines, 360 degrees of loops, spins, twists, flips and beats. Each act takes their turn on centre stage as the show builds toward a jam session that brings everyone together in one flowing talent vortex.

This modern circus show throws BMX, beatboxing, percussion, basketball freestyle and roue cyr in a nutri-bullet, blends and pours out a smooth mix of tasty urban street skills that must surely be on some Netflix producer’s mind as the premise for a new teen superhero series.

See this show and leave pumped, hyped and practicing your beatbox, worm and basketball spinning while searching gumtree for a BMX.

Reviewer Gus with the 360 Allstars

It would be interesting to track A&E admissions and local chiropractic appointments alongside this show’s tour schedule. I suspect there’s a spike in both and the stats are probably heavily weighted toward middle aged men trying these tricks at home.

The kids will definitely enjoy this too.

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