Friday, June 24, 2022
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COMEDY – Escaping Trump’s America

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I gathered that most of the audience (including myself) were expecting to walk in on an evening of comedy centered around Trump and his often controversial rhetoric.

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Escaping Trump’s America instead primarily focused on the personal material of each of the five performers, which hardly mentioned the man at all.

Perhaps the title of the show should be changed? Or perhaps the show is purposely escaping Trump entirely. Either way it seemed a bit odd.

Our host for the evening was the approachable and welcoming SHAFER WARD, the producer of the show.  

He comes across as friendly, but a little try-hard as he interacts with the audience.

I struggled to see how hosting a contest where the audience competes at doing the best American accent fits into the overall theme of the show.

The first performer was charismatic, approachable and highly entertaining LANGSTON KERMAN, whom the audience will probably remember most for his ‘white baby’ jokes, a topic he successfully brought across without overkilling it or making the jokes seem rude or distasteful.

Next up were JEFFREY BALDING and NAOMI KARAVANI. Naomi’s feminism puns were the highlight of her set.

Last, but certainly amongst the most memorable and witty performers was the extremely hilarious OMID SINGH, who managed to skillfully center his comedy around the (usually very unpleasant) topic of terrorism.

Playing on stereotypes Singh had the audience in a constant state of laughter and suspense, but managed never to cross the line and cause offense (in my opinion).

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