COMEDY – JAMES BARR returns to the Fringe with ‘Thirst Trap’ and it’s brilliant


The avocado inspired comedian strikes again in a brilliant LGBTQ themed self-deprecating standup comedy on the difficulties of relationships, being single and the quest for finding true love.

[star rating = 5/5] 

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After a success run at Edinburgh Festival Fringe last year, London based stand-up comedian, presenter and podcast co-host JAMES BARR, is back with a sufficient dose of original, fresh and bold material.

Thirst Tap he keeps the audience entertained and chuckling throughout the entire show.

Barr comes on stage wearing a giant avocado costume and begins by comparing dating and relationships to avocados.

His own dating disasters have left him with a string of material to share, and he quickly impresses his guests with his strong punchlines and witty personality.

Some members of the audience might find a few of his references distasteful, but it is clear the Londoner is jesting.

Barr is not alone on stage for long, he selects a few willing but nervous participants to join him for a date, all of which end in breakups.

As one would expect from a show about dating, Barr also touches on the (mis)use of dating apps, social media and the numerous thirst traps – sexy photos shown to attract the audience’s attention.

Throughout the show he also touches on some heavier themes such as depression, suicide and conversion therapies, but always ensures his dialogue is on point and not offensive.

He uses appropriate supportive media and props to enhance the overall audience experience.

Thirst Trap brilliantly ends with Barr sending out a message on the importance of self-love and acceptance, and shares the wisdom: “like avocados we all have limited shelf life”. 

Although the concept of Barr’s show might seem slightly overdone, his material is as fresh as a perfectly ripe avocado.