Saturday, May 28, 2022
EntertainmentDANCE - BalletBoyz: Them/Us at McEwan Hall

DANCE – BalletBoyz: Them/Us at McEwan Hall

THE all-male ballet dance group BalletBoyz hit the Edinburgh Festival Fringe stage with an original and unique double bill of brand new works, Them and Us. Both were impressive Dance’s performed with intense power to original scores by world famous composers.

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Them focused on showing the individuality, precision and gentle movements of each dancer.  

Christopher Wheeldon’s strong and skilfully constructed choreography coupled with smooth and graceful movements from the dancers left the audience anxious to see what could possibly top the first half.

The use of props and costume was quite minimal throughout the performance, the dancers used a climbing frame, that in many ways resembled children’s playground equipment.

Sporting colourful tracksuits, the performers moved the frame around the stage and used it as a gymnastics bar.

Us, the second part of the performance, explores human connections and eventually evolves a into touching piece of performance art in which the dancers dazzle the audience with beautiful displays of affection and intimacy.

The second part of the performance felt more personal and subtle in comparison to the first half which felt very dynamic and explosive.

The dancers managed to deliver a strong, professional and coherent performance, always staying in perfect sync with the music.

This a performance really worth seeing.

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