MUSICAL THEATRE – Fisherman’s Tail: Powerful, moving and very entertaining


[star rating =5/5]

More that just a fisherman’s tale…Powerful, moving and very entertaining, this one hour lunchtime show is sure to prove a hit with all ages and walks of life. It is a well written storyline about four fishermen whose lives are blown out of the water by a man called Jesus.

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On the Sea of Galilee, brothers James and John challenge brothers Andrew and Simon to a ‘cast off’, to see who can be the first to get a net breaker, or at least, catch the most fish.

When they realise their attempts are in vain, they start to question the point of their daily slog. Their fruitless fishing is quickly overturned when they meet and follow the latest celeb, Jesus.

This Jesus man brings them on an adventure beyond their imagination, changing their lives from ordinary to extraordinary.

With plenty of tongue and cheek humour, Fisherman’s Tail takes an honest and modern take on what it might have been like for the disciples to give up their life as fishermen and follow Jesus.

The acting and singing are superbly performed by a five strong accomplished cast that had the audience both laughing and crying.

And with the casts dexterity in playing numerous musical instruments, it’s hard not to get drawn into this fun, fast paced and heart-warming show.