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4 Tips to Help You Design A DIY Photo Booth


Do you like to host parties and events and want your guests to something exciting? Then making a DIY photo booth at the location can provide your guests with something that they can play with. You can photo booth hire Hertfordshire but that is not affordable in parties with low budget. Not all the parties can have that much budget so making one on your own can be a perfect option. Last year, I made one for my friends’ marriage. I was not very professional at that time so there were some mistakes. The venue was very dark and I have not used enough light.

After that, I asked for tips from a professional photographer. He gives me some fantastic tips for lighting equipment, backdrop, etc. Another thing, I learned for my experience is to not hand over your camera to drunk guests. The camera is not a problem any more thanks to Samsung and the iPhone. These companies phone have great cameras, all you need is proper lighting and fancy backdrop. The tips are as follows:


One of the important things is to have a fancy backdrop according to the theme of the event. Anyway, it is not important to only have a fancy background. You do not need to make things complicated just start with a simple plain wall. You can also add pattern to make look more exciting. Moreover, you can use the wallpapers of different types. If you do not have time, you can get a pre-designed backdrop from the market. It will not cost you more than 10$ a piece. The main thing you need to do is to use at least two layers to make it two curtains deep. If you want to use your creations, search for online tutorials for designing a backdrop.

More Light is Better

After setting a backdrop, you need proper light for your scene. Instead of relying on the camera flash, make your photo booth bright enough. No matter where you are going to make a photo booth, you need to provide lots of light. If your reception is in daylight then you can use the natural light. If not then buy any lamp having a colour temperature of 5000 K and 6500K for bright light. These lamps are easily available at cheap price on the stores. You can check the colour temperature on their boxes before buying. If you want a professional look then go for studio lights.

A Printer on the Reception

Providing an instant printer in the photo booth can be very exciting for the guests. If you have the budget for instant film cartridges then install a printer. It will still cost you much less than hiring a professional photo booth. The process is very simple, they just need to install an app on the smartphone. Capture their photos and send them to the printer using the app. Moreover, make sure to buy enough films for the printer. You can also ask someone to periodically check the setup and change the film.