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Argos customer left with £300 repair bill and nowhere to sleep after bungled bid to deliver bed

AN Argos customer has been left with a £300 repair bill and nowhere to sleep after a bungled bid to deliver a king-sized bed.

The delivery men gouged a huge hole in Joni Mcmaster’s wall as they struggled to get one half of the bed up the stairs.

They then decided the second section would not go upstairs and battled to bring the first half back downstairs so they could take the whole delivery away.

Joni, from Newcastle, has been told it will cost £300 to fix the hole – almost as much as the £350 cost of the bed.

Joni has been left to foot the bill for the damage caused

And to make matters even worse, Joni, 33, and partner Charlie, 27, threw away their old bed in preparation for the new one arriving.

Joni ordered a Silentnight Auckland Luxury 2 Drawer Divan Superking from Argos which arrived on Saturday afternoon.

The delivery drivers managed to get the first half of the bed in place with no issues, but ran into difficulty with the second, bashing and scraping Joni’s wall in the process.

After struggling with the second half for around four minutes, the delivery men eventually concluded that not only could they not get the second part upstairs – they would need to take the whole bed away.

Now Joni and partner Charlie, 27, have now been forced to sleep on a mattress on the floor as they await the delivery of a new bed from IKEA.

A frustrated Joni took to Facebook to complain, sharing the images with the caption:

“Thanks Argos. This was the result of your delivery drivers attempting to deliver a bed. The odd scuff is understandable but this is a bit of a joke.”

Photos show a large hole in Joni’s wall surrounded by chipped plaster as well as scuff marks and scratches on his ceiling.

The couple have been left sleeping on the floor

Speaking today, Joni said: “After they were done shoving the bed back and forth up the staircase, the huge hole in the picture was revealed.

“The driver said sorry but didn’t tell me what i could do to get it sorted.”

He also says he has been unhappy with Argos’ response.

He said: “I feel let down mostly. They promised to call me within 24 hours and it’s been over 48 hours. I even called back and asked why I never got a call within 24 hours like I was promised.

“I spoke to a manager called Ben who said they normally don’t advised 24 hours for callbacks, so I asked if I had been given incorrect timescales on my original phone call, to which he replied ‘it’s not your concern’ which was amazing.

“He wouldn’t actually admit that they had given me wrong information. I’m still waiting to hear back from them, but I’m not very hopeful.”

An Argos spokeswoman said: “We’re in touch with Joni to investigate.”

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