COMEDY – Aaron Twitchen: Can’t Stop a Rainbow…


IN THIS one-man LGBTQ themed stand up performance the positive, warm and energetic AARON TWITCHEN discusses his friendships, love life and the amount of wine he consumed during his journey of self-discovery.

[star rating =3/5]

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Unlike most Stand up Fringe shows where the performers spend a sufficient amount of time preparing and rehearsing their material, Aaron’s show hardly feels scripted, and he is primarily relying on his fortunately strong improvisation skills as he interacts with the audience. In most cases this works out in his favor.

He poked fun at the audience’s cultural stereotypes without making anyone feel offended, however he did occasionally use a few remarks that some of his guests might have found inappropriate. 

During the part of the show that he spoke about his breakup he managed to portray very vividly the pain of his rejection and isolation which made him feel particularly authentic. 

Aaron displays a beautiful range of emotions which further enhance the overall feel of the show. Although he did initially start his performance with a subtle tone, that soon changed and even became a little jarring towards the end.

This is not one of the greatest shows on at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe but it definitely has its flare and a fair share of hilarious moments to enjoy.