Crisp lover Frazzled after discovering supersized snack in bag of his favourite treat


HILARIOUS photo shows how a shopper got more than he bargained for when he found a giant Frazzle in his packet of crisps.

Sean Stewart, thought to be from Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire purchased the packet of crisps which is sold as part of a £1 multipack from an Iceland in Glasgow’s West End on Monday.

22-year-old Sean was stunned when he opened the bag and managed to pull out a crisp at least three times the length of a normal Frazzle.

The photo shows Sean holding the crisp next to a normal size Frazzle for reference.

giant crisp
The massive crisp was sticking out of Sean’s bag

A tickled Sean took to Twitter to share the image, posting the photo with the caption: “Check the size a this frazzle man. Am frazzled looking at it”.

The hilarious photo has clocked up nearly 3,000 likes online prompting people to question just how the crisp managed to fit in the bag.

Sean responded: “The bag was already open and it was poking out. Was raging. Thought it would be soggy when a pulled this out – a Mary Poppins bag a Frazzles.”

The supersized snack has caused disbelief among social media users.

Rhodri Wyn Jones said: “I can’t understand how this is possible. Unless you’ve grafted one frazzle to another to make one big super frazzle?!”

@akira_direwolf commented: “That’s got to be a Guinness world record of a Frazzle.

While @conorbrn added simply: “That is class.”

Frazzles made headlines back in March following a controversial Channel 5 documentary which ranked Britain’s best crisps after they failed to make the top twenty.

Sky Sports presenter Hayley McQueen and Twitter account The Crisp Connoisseur were among the many to criticise the omission.

Frazzles were first produced in the UK in 1975. Despite being bacon-flavour, the corn-based crisps are suitable for vegetarians.