CHILDREN’S SHOWS – Beetlemania: Kafka for Kids


[star rating =4/5]

DEDICATED to the life’s work of Franz Kafka, this small-scale tribute production told Kafka’s slightly abstract stories in a way that even the youngest of audiences could understand and giggle along to.

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With the help of the three intrepid Kafkateers, Kafka’s works were translated into little miniature theatre shows which managed to capture the essence of the story while still remaining light-hearted and silly enough for children.

Through the wonderful medium of cardboard boxes, works such as Poseidon and Metamorphosis were told one by one by the Kafkateers as they themselves tried to navigate the meaning of Kafka’s work.

Meanwhile, the Kafkateer’s own story was going on in the background – a story involving a beetle named Kevin and some lost post.

Each of the Kafkateers had their own personality. There was Karter, a die-hard Kafka fan trying to emphasise the seriousness of Kafka’s work, Karl, an excitable man who knew next to nothing about Kafka, and Kat, a young “Finish” woman who was oddly reminiscent of a Minion.

The three of them certainly knew how to entertain and bounced off of each other quite well. It was easy to believe that these were three old friends, laughing, playing and getting into scrapes together. As a result, they created a wonderful piece of children’s theatre that everyone could enjoy and chuckle along to.