Saturday, May 28, 2022
EntertainmentCIRCUS - Cirque Berserk! at Edinburgh International Conference Centre

CIRCUS – Cirque Berserk! at Edinburgh International Conference Centre

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FOLLOWING last year’s huge sell-out festival debut, Britain’s biggest theatre-circus has spectacularly returned to Edinburgh and is showcasing the best that traditional circus has to offer – with a little more spice.

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The audience at the Pleasance EICC venue gasped and awed throughout the show, proving Cirque Berserk! is definitely not for the fainthearted.

The entire production is brilliantly designed to keep hearts pumping with adrenaline. It’s hard not to worry that these performers are risking their limbs and possibly their lives, but their talent is undeniably the result of years of hard work and training.

With support from fast-pace energetic music the incredible acrobats, shockingly flexible contortionist, trapeze artist, and extremely daring globe of terror motorcyclists (just to name a few), provide their guests with a thrilling mix of delight and fear.

One of the acts which is particularly memorable is the hand balancing duo. One of the performers is in a wheelchair, but this does not limit his strength or ability.

He made this very evident when he balanced himself and his chair perfectly on the head of his companion.

Commitment, passion and dedication for the task at hand were the strengths of each of the professionals during Cirque Berserk!

Whether you are a circus enthusiast, someone seeking an adrenaline rush, or someone that simply wants to see something a bit different then Cirque Berserk! should be on your list this Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and hopefully the next too.

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