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Halong – a busy tourist destination all year


In the past, Halong was a famous destination that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to experience only in the summer. But in some recent years, Halong is always bustling and full of tourists at every time of the year, even in the winter.

Nowadays, Halong has become one of the most popular tourist destinations all year round. Whether it is hot or cold, a huge crowd of tourists go to this place by road, air or waterway. It is due to the great contribution of the city to develop tourism industry in Halong.

Thanks to the series of big events and festivals taking place in Halong from the beginning to the ending of a year.

Halong Carnival is usually held at the end of April and early May every year, coinciding with the holiday on April 30 – May 1 in Vietnam, starting the vibrant summer tourist season in Halong. Halong Carnival becomes a chance for Halong beach and culture lovers to gather together. Carnival Halong has a different theme each year with different messages.

Image: Pixabay/Cat7397

The carnival attracts a lot of participation from local people to foreign tourists and the cultural elements are displayed more clearly in festivals. Along with the magnificent thousand-year-old stone islands on the sea, Halong has been praised by many famous travel newspapers in all over the world.

Clipper Race is a famous yacht race for more than 20 years, owned and operated by Clipper Ventures Company (UK). Each year, the race is organized around the world and takes about 12 months, they will pass through the world famous cities with a minimum track of 35,000 miles. In 2021 – 2022, Halong will be one of the destinations in Clipper Race that every participant has to reach.

In Halong, festivals are not only held in the summer but also in the autumn and winter. With this festival schedule, it is easier for tourists to plan a Halong Bay tour whenever they want. In the winter, Halong attracts European tourists by international ships bringing many foreign tourists to this city, from October to the end of April next year. This is also the time when European tourists want to avoid the cold weather by traveling to tropical countries like Vietnam.

Besides festivals, Halong also developed modern transport and tourism infrastructure system, which has been invested in recent years. Foreign tourists will be easy to reach Halong by a new international airport in Van Don, Quang Ninh. In addition, Halong international ship port will also be a familiar arrival port for international 5-star passenger ships. Recently, it welcomed the Aviva yacht costs $150M which belongs to Joe Lewis – a British billionaire.

Halong not only has the beauty of nature but also give you a great shopping memory! You can visit the local or night market in Halong to enjoy Vietnamese lifestyle and buy some specialty dish or souvenirs of this area.

The goods here are plentiful and diversified, mainly Chinese goods such as: pearls, jewelry, clothes, shoes, and seafood such as squid rolls, hot fried squid, are very attractive. While the local market bring a busy atmosphere, Élyseé area of Shophouse Europe offers a high-end shopping experience, with fashion stores Élyseé have magnificent European architecture.

With the development in transport infrastructure and the quality of tourism services are increasing day by day, Halong is becoming one of the top popular destinations that attract a huge number of domestic and foreign tourists every year.