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Incredible occurrences in the antiquity of sports


Watching or playing sports leads to valuable times that produce history. Whether we are talking about football, basketball, hockey, golf, or horse racing, games are always up for dramas. A song has a preset tune and progress, a film has a written end, but with sports, it entirely unpredictable.

Moreover, the unpredictability of the event is the aspect that makes a lot of fans want to go back to the sports they admire time and time again.

Across the past few decades, sports  became a well-known phenomenon as televised and broadcasted around the world. Thus, the notion gathered crowds of fans who use preferred teams as part of their daily lives.

Looking back to where the sports began, it is difficult to track as it dates back to the ancient years, to the start of humanity. The antiquity of the events at the very  least started about 3000 years ago. 

Official sports started with the ancient Greeks upon hosting the first Olympic Games in 776 BC. Wrestling, javelin throwing, wrestling, and even chariot races. Horse racing is also a well-known sport since then, and now, it became even more popular as associated with wagering. Thus, the triple crown, del mar, and saratoga betting are some of the many examples. 

Humanity tends to become fascinated with sports in any part of the world. Looking back, the  world, it seemed to pause as everyone decided to turn their gaze at some incredible spectacle. 

There have been probably dozens of memorable sporting incidents throughout the years, ranging from nearly impossible wins to displays of incomparable achievement. Below are some of the most incredible occurrences in the antiquity of sports remains captivating thousands of fans all over the world.


Jesse Owens’ Legendary Achievement In The 1936 Berlin Games

To promote their Aryan race doctrine, the Nazis strictly organised the 1936 Berlin Games but did not negotiate with the participation of Jesse Owens. The Americans were in awe before him by winning four gold medals in the 4×100 relay, 100m, 200m, and the long jump. 

Owens broke nine Olympic records and laid three world records as well. Thus, the 4×100 m relay was among the world records. He set an achievement that resulted in Berlin individuals to hail him as an African-American hero. 

However, he died in the year 1980 from cancer of the lungs. From that moment, a school and a street named Berlin was after his name. Besides, two of the released postage stamps in the United States as respect in his honor, and among many other tributes is the memorial park that opened in Alabama.

Image: Pixabay/WikiImges

1980 Miracle On Ice

At the 1980 Winter Olympics, one of the incredible wonders ever occurred in the sports industry. No one anticipated the victorious finish pulled off by the American Olympic hockey team.

Individuals call this victory a miracle for the reason that everyone, including the American NHL team, did not expect the events to work out that way. Pushing against a powerful squad from the Soviet Union brought people no other choice to define the match and describing it as a miracle.

Most of the American supporters even doubted the team if they could score the game since the Soviet Union are all competitive and always on top for years. 

However, the table turned, and the competition ends up in favor with the American team winning by 4-3, and grabbing their place in the history of sports. Sports Illustrated also voted this win as the most significant moment in the history of the 20th sports century.


The Shot By Michael Jordan In 1989

Probably, if you love playing and watching basketball, there’s no way you did not encounter this famous name across the internet or talked about by many.

Michael Jordan is the biggest and most beloved basketball player ever. Even though most of the classics do not finish their careers perfectly, the player succeeded in ending his time with an epic shot that won the World Series. 

The famous player managed to bring the team to win the Chicago vs. Cleveland playoffs, the most iconic shot in the history of the basketball industry. 

Moreover, the shot itself  is not what made Michael famous, but the timeliness of it during the game. The opponent team leads the competition by 100-99 and only three seconds left for the shot. Thus, despite the pressure the group got, Jordan kept in control of the ball and gave a 3-point shot to ensure their win. The sports event then went in favor of Jordan’s team with a score of 101-100.


The Overflowing Victory Of Michael Phelps 2008

During the Beijing Olympic Games in the year 2008, Star American swimmer Michael Phelps won a record eight gold medals in the swimming category. The swimmer overshadows the prior U.S Olympian, Mark Spitz, with a record of seven medals at a single game in the Olympics. 

Phelps swims through a range of activities, including backstroke, freestyle, and butterfly strokes. Thus, in the year 2008, he won the relay and individual occurrences in the butterfly (100m, 200m), and freestyle (200m). 

At the medley events that needs all of the four strokes, he also medalled. Moreover, experts noticed that the build of Phelps is perfect for the sport, swimming. Having long arms and feet assist him in gliding through the waters, at the same time, his torso and short legs help him navigate when swimming. 

The athlete’s extreme concentration and drive lead him in place for being famous now. Thus, practicing for years placed him to win several medals at a single Olympics.