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NewsShocking moment "reckless delivery man" forces his way in front of HGV...

Shocking moment “reckless delivery man” forces his way in front of HGV in road works and then brake checks-Dashcam Clips

SHOCKING footage shows a reckless delivery driver force his way in front of an HGV in dual carriageway roadworks before brake-checking the lorry.

The UPS driver was apparently furious at the HGV for not giving way, even though the lorry driver had let another vehicle in front as they approached the roadworks.

The clip shows the van driver come within inches of the cones and the HGV and he desperately battles to get ahead.

Having done that, the UPS driver risks a pile up by deliberately hitting his brakes.

HGV driver Jamie Red captured the scenes as he was driving on the Bad Munstereifel Road in Ashford, Kent.

Jamie, from Leicester, uploaded the video to Facebook last night captioned with: “Ups van driver. Reckless.”

The footage shows a white BMW driver merging into the outer lane with traffic cones beside it. Suddenly, a van accelerates to try and get into the space before having to brake.

The UPS driver then tries to force his way into the gap but the lorry driver fails to allow him into the space. This forces the delivery van driver to sit in the left hand lane encroaching on the traffic cones.

The BMW brakes a bit which appears to force both of the drivers to take a step back, as the BMW moves closer to the solid white line. The delivery driver finally is allowed in after appearing to hit one or two of the cones as the van moves to the right hand side a bit.

The van driver was in the gap suddenly brakes hard in a bid to teach the driver a lesson for not letting him in before accelerating off.

The video has been seen over 4,400 times

Facebook post-Dashcam Clips
Jamie Red captured the shocking moment and shared on social media

Carl O’Halloran wrote under Jamie’s post: “UPS driver is a w****r.”

Ian Taylor said: “Totally baffles me that in this day and age where there are so many dashcams about, people still drive like complete b*****ds and think they’ll get away with it”

However, not everyone agreed with the post and argued that Jamie was in the wrong.

Jamie Crowther wrote: “The only f***wit here is you- you t**t, if you had taken your foot off the gas and just let him in then. The problem would have been sorted, instead you just escalated the situation you t**t.”

Dave Williams said: “Why not just ease up and let the van in? No time lost worth thinking about. Bad road and driving management by cam car.”

Speaking today, Jamie said in response to the criticism for failing to let the UPS driver in he said: “I let in the BMW driver and I let in the vehicle in front of the BMW. How many do I need to let in? He saw the sign the same as everyone else. Why does he think the best way to get in was to do that reckless manoeuvre.”

A spokeswoman for UPS said: “We are aware of a social media video involving a driver working as one of our subcontractors.

“We are currently conducting a thorough review of this complaint with our subcontractor and will appropriately address any issues raised.

“Safety throughout the organisation, especially road safety, is of the utmost importance to UPS and we expect all drivers working on our behalf to adhere to stringent safety standards.”

Kent Police could not find any reports of the incident.

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