COMEDY: Arthur Smith: SYD at the Pleasance Courtyard


[star rating =5/5]

IN ‘SYD’ Arthur Smith will take you back in time as he recounts the unknown, extraordinary life of his father. Smith, who will be more widely known for his appearances on ‘Grumpy Old Men’ or BBC Radio 4 is an all-out comedian, actor and singer in this show.

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The show is structured around the life of SYD, an ordinary man whose tale has never been told before.

From his time as a policeman walking the beat in 1960s London to being a solider in the second word war, Smith tells you the tale through song and effective visuals.

This is far from a one man show however, as the very talented Kirsty Newton plays piano and acts as many of the women Syd had relations with during his life. Her musical and dramatic input really adds to the show. Her chemistry with Smith comes across as very natural.

The show is sometimes broken up by pure stand up from Arthur Smith but it works, keeps the audience warm and serves as just the right amount of filler material before the drama resumes.

Through music, honest storytelling and memorable visual imagery, Smith and Newton tell the history of the lives of ordinary people – something which is often left unrecorded.

The image of Smith, with his back to the audience as he looks at an old picture of his father will likely stay with you if you make the trip to see this show.

‘Syd’ is the finest tribute a comedian could pay to a parent, remembering them by making an audience laugh, and very nearly cry, about their life.

If you go see ‘Syd’ you won’t see a grumpy old man on stage. You’ll see a sentimental old man, and a very funny one too.