COMEDY – Frank Sanazi – Ocean’s Nein at The Voodoo Rooms


[star rating =4/5]

FRANK Sanazi, Dean Stalin and Saddami Davis Jr take to the stage in Edinburgh for a night of swinging, politically incorrect cabaret. These characters are what you get when you cross famous entertainers of the 20thcentury with sinister dictators of the same century.

Frank Sanazi at Edinburgh Festival Fringe production image
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Sounds like a weird mix right? The result is an hour filled with songs and puns that will have you laughing first uncomfortably and then wholeheartedly about typically taboo subjects.

Sanazi tells the audience “everybody gets hit here”. They certainly do. Nothing, and no one, is off the table.

In a Monty-python tradition, the three comedians lace satirical nudges to public figures, past and present. Tragic events are spoken and sang about but it’s done in such a way that it’s as equally as outrageous as funny throughout

Comedy and Nazis aside, the three performers are very talented singers. If you like swing era music, you’ll enjoy their renditions of the songs regardless of lyric changes like ‘That’s Life’ to ‘Third Reich’.

Sanazi in particular shines as a singer. If you close your eyes it feels like the real Sinatra is on stage singing about the German ‘Fatherland’.

The only element of the show that lacks something is the actual plot. The ‘Ocean’s Nein Masterplan’ which features in the title and is mentioned in the show doesn’t materialise into anything.

In fairness a thin plot doesn’t put the show to a disadvantage, the simple premise of having Hitler, Stalin and Hussein on stage singing swing songs is funny enough.

If the show’s title wasn’t enough to warn you, be prepared to hear politically incorrect humour and the sound of taboos being smashed.

But enjoy it and embrace it, it’s just a joke after all. Heil Sanazi!